During the time I have been assembling this information, I have had a considerable number of
People contact me with comments, corrections and with much additional Information.
So, I would like to take this opportunity of acknowledging and thanking them.
All Names, by the way are links to their email addresses.

Firstly, I would like to thank my Third Cousin, once removed, as my Genealogy Program puts it,
Anthony Armitage Bishop
. Anthony has provided me with a great deal of Data, encouragement,
suggestions, comments, criticisms; and general help.

AND, the Person who really got me started, apart from a few of my close Relatives is Colin Ulph,
who lives in Shoreham, in Sussex; and has made a study of the Ulphs and all related Names,
such as Hulf and Alp and everything with any remote similarity.
Colin's Magazine, "Ulph Family News", also won first place in it's class,
in the "2002 Guild of One Name Studies" annual Awards.

And, in September 2003, we received another extremely large volume of information
Sylvia Robertson [nee Taylor] in New Zealand. Sylvia's information has increased
the number of individuals in the database from just under 10000 to well over 16500.
There were so many new Families in this data that they are on an additional "Sylvia" Page.
Again, like Anthony, Sylvia is a Third Cousin, once removed. In fact we are all descended
from William Bishop and Diane Harwood.

Over most of the last year [2003],
Ron Granger, has sent me masses of Information on the
Families of Robert Booth and Robert Smith; and Ron continues to provide additional data.
These Families have also been considerably expanded over the last month or two,
to include information on the Baldwin and Marshall Families, with the assistance of:-
Leta [Smith] Shaeffer, in Maryland and Joanne [Marshall] Wood in Washington State
and Robert Carter in Gloucestershire.
Elizabeth Nicoll, in Scotland, who gave me encouragement in the early days of my
searching for my Family Information; and particularly for help with these same
Robert Booth, Robert Smith and related Families. Thank you very much Elizabeth.

I would also like to thank Mark Turnbull, who recently sent me a large file
of Keep Family data, which included, of course, many other related Families,
some of which are the Busby, Forwood, Jones, Lloyd and White Families.
for more Information on any of these Families, you can contact:-
Mark Turnbull, Airlie Moore, Ralph Godfrey, Tacy Rickard,
or for more Binyon Information visit the WebSite of Charlie Binyon.
The Keeps are related to my Ulph Ancestors.

In May 2005,
Pamela Harrison, following a McColl reunion in Victoria, Australia,
which I understand Pam helped to organize sent me a file of over 3000 Individuals
who are all connected to the McColl Family. The Pages for these Families can be found
at the bottom of the Page: gen_home2.htm .

Apart from Anthony, Colin, Sylvia and those mentioned above,
I would like to thank the following:-

Tony Cairns for help with the Nicholls, Robinson and Michaelis Families.
Sheldon Carless for Information on the Oldknow Family.
Harold "Haitches" Chesterman, in England, and Shelagh & Scott Chesterman,
in Melbourne, Australia, for Information and Photographs
of the Chesterman Families. [who else?]
Melvin Conquergood and Donna McCartney for Conquergood Information.
"Amazing" Grace Cumming for Information on Families associated with the Armitage Family.
Janet Denne, in Sydney, Australia for information on the Denne Family.
John Edwards for Information on the Collard Family.
Janet Fairfoot, for loads of Information on the Whittem and related Families.
Craig Hartwig, for Information on the Udy Family.
Sally [SalGal] Hazzard, for all the Information on the Courtney Family, of Virginia.
We are still working on the Hazzards.
Maureen Hurst, for Information on the Stangers, Hursts and Oldknows.
Dana Koinzan for help with the de Walt, Allen and Merrick Families of Nebraska;
and for sharing her Coffee Breaks with me.
Particular thanks to Laurette MacWhirter, for all Information on the Ketley and
Sibley Families, who are the Family of my own Great Grandfather.
Elizabeth Pugh, for Information on the Stangers; and some of their Connections.
Vivian Rowe for assistance with the Armitage Families of Ontario, Canada.
Brother John Paul [Sanderson] from Mount St.Bernard Abbey in Leicestershire,
for help with the Robinson and Routledge Families.
Ken Stanger, for Information on the Stanger Family. [what else?]
Edward "Ted" Thane, for loads of Thane Information, including the Pictures;
and for real live conversations over our Internet Telephone Connection.
Ian Thonger, for Information on the Thonger, Beere and Whittem Families.
Mary Ujimoto, nee Rae?, for Information on the Armitage, Dodds and Rae Families
of Ontario and Manitoba, Canada.
Catherine Vanneau, from Paris [France], not just for her contributions to Genealogy;
but, also for her very interesting conversations.
Rick Waggener, from California for Information about the Sturmans and Waggeners.
Michael Walton of help with the Waltons.
Patricia ["The Shadow"] Wells, nee Miller, Wife of Monty, Canadian Bush Pilot extraordinaire,
breeder of small furry animals and general wit, for her help with the Wells family of Ontario.
Janice Woodroffe, nee Martensen, from Iowa, USA, for her assistance with the Woodroffe/Bishop
connection, associated Families and for her fascinating discussions about Storage Facilities.
Howard Smith, January 20, 2004.                                                                                                                  

I thank you all most sincerely for all the help and encouragement and the many
pleasant things that you have said about "OUR" WebSite. It could never have
happened, or grown so much without the many contributions that you have sent me;
and that I continue to receive [thank you again Sylvia].
Howard Smith [January 11th, 2004.]                                                                                                                 

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