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All the Pages on my Smith Family intro Page have been updated late February and early March, 2007.
Subsequent Updates are noted below the various Family Comments .
HOWEVER, in August 2022, following the Addition of all of my Great-Grand-Children
[at this Time], most of the Family WebPages have been updated.

        The Family of Thomas Frank, whose Great-Grand-Daughter, Martha, married John Smith, my earliest "Smith" Ancestor.
The Frank/Smith Family has been updated February the 17th, 2007.
And, again on August 16, 2022, following the Addition of some of the very youngest Generations, the WebPages have again been updated.
AND, in October 2022, following contact with Wendi [Hope-Smith] Al Ma'aytah, additional Descedants of John Smith/Martha Frank have been added .

       Another Frank Family, who probably came from Eaton Socon in Bedfordshire is also related to my Ulph family through the marriage of Alice Frank to Edward Bernard Ulph.
This Frank Family has been added to the WebSite on October the 29th, 2007.

       The Rodker/Morrison Family married into my Smith Family, when Katherine Elizabeth MacKenzie married my Great Uncle John Hubert Smith in 1901. Associated with the Rodker Family, who originated in Russia is the Rind Family from the same Area.
       For further Information on the Rodker and Rind Families email John Paul Morrison.
The Rodker and Rind Families have been updated February the 20th, 2007,
and again in Ocotber 2011 after receiving updated Information from Terry Pace .

       The Family of William Ulfe, the Family of my Paternal Great-Grandmother.
       For more Information on "Ulphs", in general, contact Colin Ulph of Shoreham, in Sussex. Colin has for many Years conducted a "One Name" Study of the Ulph Family and any Families with derivative Names.
       Colin has recently written a Book on the Ulph and derivative Families. To see the Chapter devoted to the St Ives Ulphs, click here.
       Associated with the Ulph Family are the Family of Jeremy Daniell, who came from Colchester, Essex about 1600; and that of Daniel Tayspill, whose Family originated in West Flanders; and also came to Colchester in the early 1600s.
       So far some of the Links are tenuous; but Patricia Lewis is working on them, while Peter Robson is the source of most of the Tayspil Family Data.
The Ulph Family has been updated on February the 20th, 2007, on November the 7th, 2009; and again on January the 22nd, 2012.
and the Daniell Family on February the 22nd, 2007.
Now, on February the 24th, 2012, as a result of a number of "Trees" of the Ulph Family received from Elaine Ulph, the WebPages have again been updated;
AND, in August 2022, following the Addition of some of the very youngest Generations, the WebPages have again been updated .

       Connected to the New Zealand branch of the Ulph Family are the Hawkes, Martin, Bissett, Nucator and finally Sword Families. Most originated in Dundee, or Angus in Scotland, except for the Bissetts, who come from Derbyshire in England. They eventually settled in the Hawkes Bay area of New Zealand.
The Sword Family has been updated on February the 23rd, 2007.

PLEASE NOTE: As of late 2004, Colin Ulph has published a Book on the "Ulphs".
He has kindly given permission for the Chapter dealing with the Ulphs, of St.Ives, in Cambridgeshire, to be placed in our "Histories" Page. To read the History of the St.Ives Ulphs, Click here.

you are interested in ordering a Copy of the Book, or learning more about any Ulph Family, or, for that matter about any derivitive Names, such as Alpe, Hulf, or anything similar, contact Colin Ulph. But, remember, you will have to edit the eMail Address, by replacing the " at " with an "@".
The History of the St.Ives Ulphs was added to the WebSite on December 24, 2004.

        In April 2008 Mark Ward has sent a large File of Individuals associated with the Family of Thomas Stanger, who was born in 1638 in Harringworth in Northamptonshire. Mark's Information added almost 3000 Individuals to this Family, as well as many other connected Families. Since this now results in many more Families to be added to our WebSite.

They can now be accessed on a separate Stanger Family Intro. Page.

        Associated with Smith and Stanger Families is the Family of Phillip Blanched, later Blanchard. Phillip was born around 1700; and came from London, probably the area around Westminster. The Blanchards married into the Cautherley Family from Richmond in Surrey, but prior to that, the Family of James Hog, circa 1630 or thereabouts, and Marion Purves, who married into the Vaus Family, and a couple of Generations later eventually married into the Blanched Family. We do not know the origins of the Hog/Purves Family.
The Blanched Family has been updated on February the 23rd, 2007.
The Hog, Vaus, Blanchard Family has been updated in January 2016 after being asked to privatize some of the Information in these WebPages .

       Also associated with the Smiths and Stangers was the Family of John Cole, born about 1780; and came from March, in Cambridgeshire.
The Cole Family has been updated on February the 24th, 2007;
And again in September 2022; but with no additional Individuals .

        In June-July 2018, No.1 Son, Michael Howard Ulph Smith was considering travelling to Malta. Before doing so, he sought to trace his Mother's Maltese Ancestry with remarkable Results. Firstly he, along with the help of one of our fantastic Researchers, Joyce [Pickering] Trousdale, established the full and correct Names of his Grandmother, her Sister and commenced tracing the Line back through the Maltese Families. The Maltese Connections were through two Marriages of Enlish Servicemen to Maltese Brides. Firstly, the Marriage between William Edward Etheridge and Vincenza Cremona in 1886, and subsequently, the Marriage between Giuseppa Etheridge and John William Whitworth in 1908. It is from these Marriages that the Greer/Smith Families connect to the Maltese Cremona Family. During this Exercise, he came across Charles Said-Vassallo, who maintains a remarkable Maltese WebSite from here in Sydney, Australia called Malta Genealogy. However it is much more than just a genealogical WebSite with a great deal of Information on Malta and its History. From Information provided by Charles, we have now traced the Maltese Family Connection back through the Cremona Family to relatively early 1500s, and in addition have the following Families who have married into the Cremona Line, including,
            The Family of Ali al-Kalbi, circa 880, whose Family goes on to become Emirs of Sicily, Tunis and Malta. After around 30 Generations, evolving through the Xiberras and Magro Families, they all merge into the Cremona Family, AND,
NOW, in May 2022, following extensive Work by Michael Smith, a Descendant of the Cremona Family of Malta, we believe we can reasonably trace the Ancestry of the Cremona[s] and their Descendants to Adnan, an Arab Tribal Leader who lived in the Hijaz Region of Arabia some 600 plus Years BCE. Adnan is supposedly somewhere near the 19th Great-GrandFather of the Prophet, Muhammad; and
            The Family of Don Signore Manfredi di Cardona, e Barone di Bamina o Varmina, who merge into the Cremona Family within a few Generations, and,
            The Family of Don Gio Batta Platamone, circa 1500, whose Family merges into the Cremona Family with a few Generations,
The Families in the Maltese Connection have been updated in late August 2022, following the addition of the younger Generations.

       The English Family of William Edward Etheridge a Stoker in the Royal Navy, who married Vincenza Cremona, and the earlier Families, the Gregory Family, Pinnick/Etheridge Family and Winship Family who all combined to form the Etheridge Family Group. A Generation later, Giuseppa Lorenza Antonia Etheridge married another Stoker in the Royal Navy, so we have,
            The Family of William Whitworth, born circa 1825, probably from the Deptford Area of Kent. Also connected to the Whitworth Family is,
            The Family of John Picot, born 1819 at St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands.
The Pinnick/Etheridge Family have been updated on November 16, 2018 following additional Information being provided by Jane Elizabeth Marshall; and
Again, on August the 21st, following the addition of the youngest Generation of the Smith Family.

         As above, re: "The Maltese Connection" we have been tracing the Ancestors of Michael Smith, and, of course, of his Brother, Gregory John Smith. In doing so, we have "met" a Number of Folk also researching these Families, and as of August 2018, we have the Details of the Family of Michael's Great-Grand-Mother, Mary Jane Moorhead, and at present [August 22, 2018] are following other Family Lines including the Greer and associated Families. They, however, are still in the Research Stage, and will be uploaded when they are more complete. So, for now, we offer the Family of William Moorhead, born, circa 1670, probably in Belfast or Co. Antrim in Ireland. Now, August 31, 2018, our Greer Family research is sufficient to include the Family of James Greer, born 1754 in Mullabrack, Co. Armagh in Ireland. However, further Research leads us to believe the Greer Family are actually descended from King Domnal MacCaustantin, who ruled over Dal Raida some time middle of the 8th Century.
AND, now in March 2021, we add a Link to a WebSite providing Information on the Origins of the Greer Family; and the Family's various Migrations around the World.
            AND, connected to the Greer and Moorhead Families, we have,
            The Family of Wiliam Everitt, born 1780 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, AND,
            The May/Allen/Gooding Family, who married into the Everitt Family, AND,
            The Family of Robert McKnight [or at least the first 5 Generations]. John was born circa 1810, probably in Belfast.
            The Family of John Fairfield, born 1785 in Belfast, Co. Antrim, Ireland, AND
            The Family of Peter Murray, circa 1825, who married into the Fairfield Family, probably born in Co. Down, Ireland.
            The Family of John Keenan, circa 1800, probably from somewhere in South-East Co. Down in Ireland. One of our smaller Irish Families.
            The Family of Andrew Parks, born 1841 in Londonderry, Co. Londonderry, Ireland, another of our smaller Irish Families.
            The Family of George Todd, born 1772 in Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Ireland.
The "Irish Connection" WebPages have been updated to inlcude the youngest Generation, in August and September 2022.

          And as with the "Irish Connection" [above], due to the Research undertaken by Michael H U Smith, and newly found Cousins in Northern Ireland, we have made contact with more Greer Cousins in other Parts of the World, including North America, Canada and the USA. From Cynthia Elizabeth Greer Velez in Canada we have received a remarkable Collection of Data on Relatives of the Greer Family, including the following Families:
            The Walichs Family from North Holland, who morphed into a Variety of Van Winckle [and similar] Families. The Walichs were very early Settlers in the Dutch Colony of New Amsterdam, and have prospered in North America ever since.
            The Family of Edward Brannan
            The Family of Ledgett
            The Family of John McBriar, and,
            The Family of Alexander Rea
          Considerable Thanks are due to Cynthia for the massive Amount of Data she has put together on these Greer related Families.

NOW, at the end of October 2018, after all of the Work done by our newly found Cousins, it is time to try something different. Rather than the Descendant Records of the various Families that make up our, or at least, No.1 Son's Ancestry, we have changed the Direction of the Reports to display the Ancestry of Michael Howard Ulph Smith.
AND, a little later at the beginning of November 2018, after further Investigation by the Subject of these WebPages, primarily with the help of Wikipedia, we have established Ancestry Pages for Michael going back over 50 Generations, as per the Link above.
On November 16, 2018, following some further Research [sometimes rather fanciful] by Michael Smith on his Ancestry, the Ancestry of Michael Smith has been updated.

We also have a Number of other Families [below] that are linked to the Frank/Smith Line.

       The Family of John William Walton, circa 1790. John's Family came from Middlesex and London. They were connected with the Edwards Family of Cheshire. Edward Henry Edwards married my Great Grand Aunt, Harriette Anne Smith, half-sister to my Great-Grandfather, John Stanger Smith. For more information on the Edwards and Walton Families, contact Mike Walton in Luton.
The Walton and Edwards Families have been updated on February the 24th, 2007.

These Families originated in the area around South Lincs, Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire.

       The Family of Robert Howard, my Mother's Family, who came from Northamptonshire; but I am afraid there are few of them. And, the Family of my Grandfather's Mother's Sibley & Ketley Families from Essex.
The Howard Family has been updated on February the 25th, 2007.
and, the Sibley & Ketley Family on February the 26th, 2007
The Howard, Sibley and Ketley Families have again been updated on September the 7th, 2022 .

       The Family of John Chesterman, who originated in London; but moved to Sheffield. His Son, James formed the Chesterman Cutlery and Tool company; and was the original developer of the Steel Tape. They later married into the Family of William Chesterman, who had been Goldsmiths in London for several Generations. My maternal Great-Grandmother was Harriett Chesterman.
      The Family of William Dale, circa 1720, probably from Lincolnshire, whose Daughter married into the Clapton Family, which Family in turn married into the Family of William Chesterman. The Dale Family are Harold Chesterman's Ancestors; and Information on them has come from Harold.
For more information on the Chesterman Families, contact Harold Chesterman.
      On September 2012, as a result of Information provided by Caspar Verney, we have added the Bedells Family, who were also related [by Marriage] the the Family of John Chesterman.
The John Chesterman Family has been updated on February the 27th, 2007.
Both Chesterman Families have been updated on August the 4th, 2011;
and the Dale Family has been added to the WebSite.
The Family of John Chesterman has again been updated and the Bedells Family added on March the 16th, 2012;
and, in early September 2022, the Chesterman Families have again been updated with the Additions of the youngest Generation of the Smith Family.

       The Family of William Bishop, the Family of another of my Paternal Great-Great-Grandmothers. The Bishop Family came from Bath in Somersetshire.
       For more Information on the Bishops, email Anthony Bishop, in Cornwall. [as of about 2014, Anthony has ceased to take an interest in his Family History, and has entered a Retirement Home]
The Bishop Family has been updated on February the 28th, 2007; and,
in early September 2022, the Bishop Family has again been updated with the Additions of the youngest Generation of the Smith Family.

       The Keep Family, of the Midlands, who were related to the Lloyds, of the Steel Pipe manufacturers, Stewarts & Lloyd. For Keep Family Info try: Mark Turnbull, John Keep, Ralph Godfrey, or visit the WebSite of Charlie Binyon.
The Keep Family has been updated on March the 1st, 2007.
AND, on January the 23rd, 2011, as a result of Airlie Louise [Keep] Moore's continuing Family Breeding Program, the WebPages have been updated to accomodate her latest GrandChildren. THANK YOU AIRLIE!
AND, again, on April the 3rd, 2011, as a result of further advice from Airlie Louise [Keep] Moorem, the WebPages have been updated to accomodate her latest GrandChildren. THANK YOU AGAIN AIRLIE!
Again, on September the 9th, 2011, the Keep Family WebPages have been undated after receiving more Information from Mark Turnbull.

       The Lloyd Family have earlier Ancestors in the Dearman Family. The Lloyds married into the 3rd Generation of the Dearman Family.
The Dearman Family has been added to the WebSite on March the 3rd, 2007.

As a considerable amount of additional Information relating to the Keep Family and Keep Family Connections has come to hand over the last couple of Years, there is an Introductory Page for the Keep Family and connected Families.

       Also connected to the Bishop, Keep and my own Smith and Ulph Families, is the family of Nathaniell Harwood, born about 1650, probably in Sparsholt, Oxfordshire. Nathaniell is my 7th Great Grandfather.
The Harwood Family has been updated on March the 18th, 2007.

       The Booth Family, of Derbyshireshire. Abraham, born 1734 was a well known Baptist Preacher and anti-slavery Campaigner
The Robert Booth Family has been updated after receiving the detail of the Descendants of a previously unknown Daughter of Abraham Booth, September 01, 2006; and again, March the 4th, 2007.

NOW, in January 2022, following more Research by, principally, Ron Granger and David Nicoll, we update the Booth, James Smith and Granger Families.

AND, AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE: This Year, 2007 is the 200th Anniversary of the Abolition [in England] of the Slave Trade. A Fact we have been reminded of by Ron Granger, one of Abraham Booth's direct Descendants. Ron is still active in working with the Organizations that are trying to eradicate the Slaving that still exists in our World today. The contents of his recent eMail can be seen in our Histories Page

       The Booth Family married into the Family of Robert Smith; and then into my Smith Family. They are all also related to the Family of Henry Granger, probably from Derbyshire, whose Son Francis married into the Smith Family, the Family of John Baldwin, from Staffordshire; and Alexander Marshall, probably from Nottinghamshire and from Virginia USA. Also, to the Family of William Hurst, circa 1620, from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, who was related to the Granger & Baldwin Families, as was the Family of William Whittle Marshall, of Leicestershire, and the Family of Philip Pedley, circa 1660, from Dane-in-Shaw, Congleton in Cheshire.
The Robert Smith Family has been updated on March the 5th, 2007.
The John Granger, John Baldwin, Alexander Marshall, William Hurst and William Whittle Marshall Families have been updated on March the 6th, 2007.
Following further Granger Family Information being received from Ronald Francis [Ron] Granger in January 2011, the Henry Granger Family WebPages have been updated in September 2011.
The Pedley Family have been added on November 01, 2014.
NOW, in on December 06, 2015 after added Information received from various Family Members, all of the Robert Smith, Henry Granger, John Baldwin, Alexander and William Marshall, William Hurst and Philip Pedley Family WebPages have been updated .

     The Family of Sydney Herbert Dodd, born in Hertfordshire; but who migrated to the USA.
The Dodd Family has been added November 2006 following Information provided by Mary Ann Trent; and upgraded March the 6th, 2007.
      The Family of Samuel Wild, born in 1755, probably in Derbyshire.
he Wild Family has been added in August 2010.
The Family of John Wright also married into the Hurst Family. Only the earlierGenerations are shown.
       For more information on these Families contact Ron Granger in Surrey, England.
The Hurst Family has been added July 2006 following Information provided by Chris Granger.

      In December 2011, Ron Granger, a committed Baptist has sent a Dissertion entitled "The Christian [Baptist] Revival in the Midlands, 1745". You can read it on our History Page.

       In May 2005, Pamela Harrison, sent me a file of over 3000 Individuals who are all connected to the McColl Family. Over half this data was provided by the many people who attended and/or contributed to the McColl reunion, which was held at Mansfield, Victoria in April 2004; and organized by Jo Kotylak, Jan Davidson, Eileen Johnson and Pam Harrison.
       The Pages for these Families can be found below.

       The McColl Family, of Scotland, who married into the McCaskills and the Eyres; and the Family of John Clews, circa 1750, whose origins are unknown; but whose Family was also associated with the McCaskills and the Eyres.
       These Families are connected to the Howard Family through Harry McCaskill Eyre.
       Other connected Families are those of Michael Aylward, circa 1810 from Co. Galway. In October 2011, we have received from Danny Colgan, Information on the Family of Bernard Bryan Kiernan, whose Descendants married into the Aylward Family.
The McColl Family has been updated March the 8th, 2007, as has the Clews Family.
The Aylward Family has been updated October the 14th, 2006.
The Kiernan Family has been added on May the 30th, 2012 .
     John Charles Baylis who was born in 1862 in Omeo in the Colony of Victoria [Australia].
     Also interconnected are the Descendants of Robert Cummine, whose Family quickly become a Family Tree of the Family of James Lyle, who was born 1758 in Renfrewshire, Scotland, as are the Family of James Graham, born about 1815 in Co. Antrim, Ireland.
     Similarly, the Family of George Barr, who was born about 1660 in the Area of Bridge of Weir in Renfrewshire. The Barr Family quickly become the Speer Family, who also soon become the Lyle Family. The following Families are also related to the McColl Family.
     The Family of Richard Hart, circa 1790, probably from Megavissey in Cornwall. The Hart Family are also associated with, and the WebPages contain Details of the Boucher, Cooper and Oldfield Families.
     Also associated with the Family of William Hart is the Family of Michael Toohey. Michael's Origins are unknown; but his Son was Born in Adelaide in the Colony of South Australia.

The Hart Family has been updated on April the 22nd, 2010; and the Toohey Family have been added to the WebSite..

     William Harrison's Family, who came from Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire, circa 1800. Associated with the Family of William Harrison is the Family of George Stephens, circa 1840. We do not know where George originated; but he brought up his Family in Central and Western Victoria.
The Stephens Family has been added on August the 29th, 2010.
The Family of Lawrence Hurley, circa 1810, from Co. Clare, Ireland,
     William Henry James' Family from Kent in England. William was born 1869.
     The Family of Walter Henry Lucas, born 1902 in Katamite, Victoria, Australia.
     The Family of Murdoch Matheson, 1800-1858, who came from the Bradacale in the Isle of Skye in Scotland, start out as John McCaskill, who is connected to the McCaskill Family below and Flora Gillies. It becomes the Matheson Family within the first Generation.
The Murdoch Matheson Family has been added December the 5th, 2009.
The Family of Kenneth McCaskill, circa 1770, who came from the Isle of Skye in Scotland.
     John McLarty's Family. John was born about 1820 in Argyleshire, Scotland;
     and the Family of John McMillan, from Lochaber in Scotland, born about 1820.
     The Family of Richard Reid. Richard came from Barrachnie, Lanarkshire abt. 1830.
     Thomas William Richards' Family. He lived around Yarrawonga in the Colony of Victoria, later Australia; and was born in January 1878.
     The Family of William Ross, circa 1770, who came from Creich in Sutherland, Scotland,
     or Joseph Sanderson Smith, circa 1835, from the Area round Winchelsea in the Colony of Victoria.
The block of Families above have all been updated March the 9th and 10th, 2007.
and corrections made in June 2007.
and in March 2011, the McLarty Family has been updated after Information received from Silvia Sarauer .

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