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    The following Pages are concerned only with Family History (Genealogy). The MAIN PAGE lists all of the Names in our Genealogy Program to date. From that Point, you can access any "Name" in the Summary, by clicking on that Name. This will display the Full List of Names, sorted in Alphabetical Order; but will locate you at the Name of your choice. At the Top and Bottom of the Names List, is a Link to take you back to the Names Summary, or back to this Page. - EXCEPT FOR, the Fact that these Pages are no longer on the WebSite.

    The Information contained in these Pages has been assembled with the assistance of a considerable number of People. The main Contributors, who are related to myself are:

Anthony Armitage BISHOP in Cornwall, England,

Sylvia Edith TAYLOR in New Zealand,

Ron Granger, in Surrey, England; and

Mark Turnbull, here in Sydney, in the "Land down Under"

    As a Matter of Interest, my first Name is my Mothers Maiden Name; and my second Name is the Maiden Name of my Great-GrandMother on my Father's Side of the Family.

    On the other hand, Anthony's G-G-G-G-G-Grandmother is an Armitage; and while he is a direct Bishop, my G-G-Grandmother was a Bishop.

    Anthony Bishop, Sylvia Taylor and myself, along with many others are descended from William Bishop, born 1775 in Bath, Somerset and Diana Harwood, born 1777, at Hurst in Berkshire

To see our Bishop/Harwood Family WebPages [click here]
Which have been updaed on September the 7th, 2022, with the Addition of the Younger Generation of my Smith Family.

    Any Information you may have, or need, on any of these Names, that appear to have some substance attached to them, Anthony, Sylvia, Ron, Mark, or I will be happy to receive or provide. 

Just eMail me, or eMail Anthony, or Sylvia or Ron Granger or Mark Turnbull

    As of May 2005, 3000 plus Names associated with the McColl Family have been added to the Database. They were provided by Pamela Harrison with help from others following a large McColl Family reunion in Victoia.

    In addition, there are now, quite a large number of individual Family Sites, containing additional Data, in the form of Notes etc. Since the number of these are now quite substantial they are divided into 4 Groupings. One Group of Families that are specifically related to myself, a second that are specifically related to Anthony Bishop [Cornwall], a third Group of Families related to Sylvia Robertson [New Zealand]; with a further Group for the Keep Family and related Families.     My Connection to the Keep Family is through the same William Bishop and Diana Harwood connection. Eliza Bishop Ulph, a distant Cousin married Joseph Scrivener Keep in 1852.

    For some Years the Genealogy Data was stored in PAF [Personal Ancestral File] and the Pages were produced by that Program. At present I have changed over to using Legacy; but not all Family Pages are produced by Legacy; and there are still some PAF Pages.

    Each Group of Families have a commentary and Links to the relevant Families through an Introductory Page.

For those relating to myself, Howard Ulph Smith, click here!
        or for our extensive Stanger Family Intro Page, click here!

for those relating to Anthony Armitage Bishop, click here!
        or for Anthony's associated
Collard/Denne Families, click here!

for those relating to Sylvia Edith Robertson [nee Taylor], click here!

for those relating to the Keep Family & their Connections, click here!

OR, to see the a List of the most recent Family Updates, click here!

Further, some of our Contributors have also provided Histories of their Families,
for which Links can be found in the individual Pages. Or, to see the full History Page, click here!

    Since these pages were last updated in late 2004 and early 2005, I have had so much additional information sent to me, that we have increased the total number of Individuals from 20,000 or thereabouts to almost 45,000 Individuals. I have been as diligent as I can in adding all this Information; but I am sure that some errors have crept in. I also believe there may still be some errors from my original addition of all the Information that I was sent before previous upgrades. I ask your patience and assistance with rectifying any that you may find; and further ask that you eMail me with any corrections you feel necessary.
    This "6th" Upgrade of the full Body of the Database is now being put in place; but, the various specific Family Pages will be updated as additional Information is added.
    The Individual Family Pages will be noted with the Date they have been updated.
Howard Smith, August 10, 2006.

    As of the end of July, 2009, after receiving a very large File of Data associated with the Collard, Denne and other related Families, we have over 81,000 Individuals in the DataBase. Many of the newer People are related to the Collard and Denne Families.

Howard Smith,
July 31, 2009.                                                                      

I HAVE RECENTLY BEEN CONTACTED BY James???, who will provide BMD Certificates for the UK. I have only very briefly checked his WebSite; but, should anyone outside the UK require Certificates, have a look at:-

In January 2007, I have received a further contact, from John Mills of also offering a Site for BMD Certificates.
The Link to John's WebSite is

In October, 2007, Tacy Rickard, a Member of our Keep Femily has also offered Genealogy Services. Tacy's WebSite Address is:-

In June 2010, Richard Renold reminded me that anyone can obtain any Certificates required directly from the GRO. The Link is:-

PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to reduce the amount of Spam that may be generated from having our eMail Addresses on the Web, I have replaced the "@" in all eMail Addresses with " at ".
Therefore, if you "click" on an eMail Address it will open the "New Message" Sceen in your eMail Program with, for instance "howdee at". You will need to edit the Address in your eMail Program; and replace the " at " [space "at" space] with "@".
I hope this does not prove to be too difficult; and will reduce the amount of Spam sent to anyone whose eMail Address appears on the Site.

AND, I would like to acknowledge those who have helped me
by sending me so much information. Some of them are:-
See next Page.

    Finally, if you are interested in Poetry, have a look at our Poetry Pages, added February 2003.

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The WebSite in basically this Format was presented early in 2002.
WebPages were then updated, January 18, 2003.
a further major upgrade was done September 20th, 2003.
and, subsequently in January/February, 2004.
The Fourth full upgrade commenced on September the 8th, 2004;
and, was completed late September or early October 2004.
The "Main" Pages containing all the Individuals in the Database
were again been updated, for the 5th time, on May the 23rd, 2005.
and are in the process of being updated again in August 2006.
Following that, all the Family Pages are being updated in March 2007.