The Descendants of Guy Medley, born 1692, probably in Middlesex or the City of London.

Name List

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  Adam Giles [81491]C
  Alice Frances [81476]C born 14 Dec 1824, London England
  Amelia Cerf [81496]C born Abt 1831, Jamaica died 1886, Surrey England
  Ann Charlotte [81475]C born 29 Aug 1823, Lambeth Surrey England
  Anne Rosamund Julia [81535]C born 1909, Kensington Middlesex England died 10 Jan 2000, Blakeney Norfolk England
  Anthony [81548]C
  Caroline [81461]C
  Celia [81554]C
  Charles [81529]C
  Charles Douglas [81519]C born 1870, Holborn London England died 1963
  Charles Robert Owen [81533]C born 1906 died 20 Oct 1994, Chelsea Middlesex England
  Edward [81516]C born Dec 1840, Liverpool Lancashire England died 1927
  Edward Arnold [81520]C born 1873, Holborn London England
  Elina [81542]C
  Elizabeth [81439]C born 18 Sep 1726, London England
  Ernest George Frederick [81481]C born 14 Jan 1858, Lambeth Surrey England died 19 May 1936, Surrey England
  Fanny [81462]C
  George [81495]C born 31 Jul 1827, St Pancras London England
  George Bowley [81455]C born 18 Jun 1799, London England died 9 Feb 1860
  Guy [81432] born 1692 died 25 Oct 1760
  Guy [81440]C born 7 Jul 1729, London England
  Guy [81457]C born 1803, London England died 1890
  Guy [81511]C born 1876, Banbury Oxfordshire England
  Hannah [81565]C born 1836, Liverpool Lancashire England
  Harriet Evelyn [81518]C born 1871, Holborn London England
  Hayford [81434]C born 7 Oct 1716, London England
  Helen Frances [81480]C born 1 Nov 1854, Kensington Middlesex England
  Henriette G E [95407]C born Cir 1869, Lambeth Surrey England
  Henry R [81567]C born 1870, Bootle Lancashire England
  Herbert Samuel [95404]C born 1856, Clapham Surrey England died 4 Feb 1941, Fulwood Lancashire England
  Inkeir [81543]C
  Isobel [81561]C
  James [81560]C
  Joanna [81551]C
  John Christopher [81524]C born 1902, Chelsea Middlesex England died 1985
  Johnson [81566]C born 1845, Liverpool Lancashire England
  Josephine Frances [81514]C born 1871, Bradford Yorkshire England
  Josiah [81436]C born 19 Jul 1719, London England
  Lucy [81460]C
  Lydia [81446]C born 1774 died 1859
  Lydia [81453]C born 26 Feb 1796, London England
  Marcus Ivan [81490]C
  Margaret [81537]C born 1918, Kensington Middlesex England died 12 Jun 2000, Meadowbank Nursing Centre London England
  Mary [81437]C born 20 Feb 1721, Pontefract Yorkshire England
  Mary Ann [81463]C
  Mary Jane [81506]C born 27 Nov 1834, Liverpool Lancashire England died 1867
  Mary Margaret [81458]C born 2 Oct 1804, London England
  Michael [81435]C born 24 Nov 1717, London England
  Michael Phillip B Sc. Ag. [81526]C
  Olive K C [81522]C born 1879, Holborn London England
  Oliver Birrell (Lt.Comm.) [81534]C born 1908, Kensington Middlesex England
  Oonagh Brigid [81488]C
  Paul [81539]C
  Paul Edward [81492]C
  Penelope [81555]C
  Philip Ernest [81483]C born 30 Mar 1884, Camberwell Surrey England died 24 Jul 1957, England
  Phillip Christopher [81530]C
  Rachel M [81538]C born 1918, Kensington Middlesex England
  Reginald C [95405]C born Cir 1860, Lambeth Surrey England
  Richard Grey [81536]C born 1915, Kensington Middlesex England
  Richard Guy Patrick [81487]C
  Robert Harold [81485]C
  Sally [81550]C
  Samuel [81444]C born 22 Mar 1769, Cheshunt Herefordshire England died 1857, Chatham Kent England
  Samuel [81454]C born 1 Sep 1797, London England died 1 Feb 1849
  Samuel [81478]C born 18 Jul 1828, Hackney Middlesex England died 1893, England
  Samuel [81505]C born 1833, Liverpool Lancashire England died 1912, Berrywood Northamptonshire England
  Samuel [81510]C born 1871, West Derby Derbyshire England
  Samuel (Rev.) [81430]C born 26 Mar 1738, Cheshunt Herefordshire England died 17 Jul 1799, Liverpool Lancashire England
  Sarah [81445]C born 1772 died 1872
  Susan [81540]C
  Susan [81563]C
  Susannah [81452]C born 6 Jun 1793, Holborn London England died 1872
  Talbot J [95408]C born Abt 1874, Lambeth Surrey England
  Thomas [81438]C born 13 Sep 1724, London England
  Timothy [81562]C
  Victoria [81553]C
  Virginia Frances [81528]C
  William [81456]C born 1801 died 1873, Liverpool Lancashire England
  William [81507]C born 4 Feb 1837, Liverpool Lancashire England
  William Austin [81521]C born 1875, Holborn London England
  William George [81477]C born 28 Feb 1826, London England
  William Tonge [81450]C born 1736 died 1760

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