The Descendants of Humphrey Stanger, circa 1570, from Harringworth in Northampsonshire, England.

Name List

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Key: S=as a Spouse, C=as a Child, P=as a Parent






  Dulcie MacIntosh [43160]S,S died After 5 Oct 1955
  Richard (Rev) [43055]S
  Elizabeth [101287]S,S born 1 Jun 1878, Ogden Weber Co. Utah USA died 2 Mar 1974, Pocatello Bannock Co. Idaho USA
  Nicole [100902]S,S
  Carol [97393]S,S
  Dorothy [42243]S born 16 Aug 1915 died 21 Feb 1975
  Glen Norman [52976]C
  Norman [52831]S,S
  Hattie Mae [109478]S,S born 10 Jan 1894, Tipton Co. Indiana USA died 10 May 1969, Kokomo Howard Co. Indiana USA
  Bronwyn Ruth [100864]S,S born 21 Jan 1963 died 10 Aug 2010, Nelson Nelson New Zealand
  David Andrew [100758]S,S
  Kaylee [113072]C
  Betsy Ann [94751]C born 1860, Medbourne Leicestershire England bapt. 8 Jan 1860, Medbourne Leicestershire England
  Cyril J W [94780]C born Abt 1900, Medbourne Leicestershire England
  Ellen Elizabeth [94756]C born 1873, Medbourne Leicestershire England
  Fanny Maria [94754]C born 1866, Medbourne Leicestershire England bapt. 30 Dec 1866, Medbourne Leicestershire England
  Florence [94757]C born Abt 1876, Medbourne Leicestershire England died 10 Jan 1880, Medbourne Leicestershire England
  Florence Rose [94781]C born Abt 1902, Medbourne Leicestershire England
  James Samuel [94758]C born Abt 1880, Medbourne Leicestershire England
  John [94746]S,S born Abt 1833, Medbourne Leicestershire England bapt. 22 Sep 1833, Medbourne Leicestershire England died Abt 1894, Uppingham Rutland England
  John W [94784]C born 1912, Medbourne Leicestershire England
  John William Shawley [94755]C born Abt 1869, Medbourne Leicestershire England bapt. 23 Jun 1869, Medbourne Leicestershire England
  Lucy Elizabeth [94752]C born Abt 1862, Medbourne Leicestershire England bapt. 8 Jun 1862, Medbourne Leicestershire England
  Lucy Irene [94782]C born 17 Dec 1906, Medbourne Leicestershire England died 11 Sep 1984, Yeovil Somerset England
  Mary E [94783]C born Abt 1910, Medbourne Leicestershire England
  Mary Susannah [94750]C born 1856, Medbourne Leicestershire England bapt. 24 Aug 1856, Medbourne Leicestershire England
  Samuel [94748]P born Cir 1794, Medbourne Leicestershire England bapt. 20 Sep 1794, Medbourne Leicestershire England
  Sarah Elizabeth [94753]C born 1865, Medbourne Leicestershire England
  Edna Merle [41928]S born 1913 died 1976, Swan Hill VIC Australia
  John William [100961]S,S born 1891 died 1975
  Piers Julian [100960]C born 1 Qtr 1938, Edmonton Middlesex England
  George [41687]S
  Hannah [104812]S,S born 1828, Sutton St James Lincolnshire England bapt. 29 Mar 1829, Sutton St James Lincolnshire England died 5 Feb 1885, Guyhirn Cambridgeshire England
  William [104858]P
  Kate [43280]P
  Brooke [100867]S,S born 1 Aug 1989
  April [100884]C born 6 Jan 1993
  Chloe [100882]C born 3 Sep 1988
  Jac [100883]C born 20 May 1991
  Piet [100881]S,S
  Fred [100801]S,S born 29 Jan
  Rebecca Wanda Daphne [100803]C born 19 Dec 1984, Nelson Nelson New Zealand
  Brenda Margaret [21714]C born 6 Jul 1886, Leeds Yorkshire England bapt. 13 Aug 1886, St Martin's Potternewton Leeds Yorkshire England died 13 Aug 1886, Leeds Yorkshire England
  Charles Samuel [21717]P born 1806, Culmington Shropshire England died 29 Apr 1877, Hitchin Hertfordshire England
  Dorothea Mary [1857]C born 4 Qtr 1884, Leeds Yorkshire England bapt. 13 Nov 1884, St Martin's Potternewton Leeds Yorkshire England
  Guy Harold [21713]C born 26 Mar 1892, Leeds Yorkshire England bur. Rhodesia Africa
  Henry [16602]S,S born 8 May 1852, Abington Piggots Cambridgeshire England died 6 Aug 1901, Kendall Lancashire England
  Mildred Ruth [21715]C born 20 Apr 1890, Leeds Yorkshire England bapt. 28 May 1890, St Martin's Potternewton Leeds Yorkshire England died 30 May 1977 bur. Rhodesia Africa
  Leonard [109432]C born Cir 1895, Chertsey Surrey England
  Thomas [109431]S,S born Cir 1871, Martin Lincolnshire England
  Emma [96329]S,S born 3 Qtr 1860, Leicester Leicestershire England
  Thomas [97619]P born Cir 1834, Leicester Leicestershire England
  Doris [97148]C born Abt 1928, Chingford Essex England
  Edward [97147]S,S born Abt 1893, Clapton London England died 1965
  Eileen [97149]C born Abt 1926, Chingford Essex England
  Eva [97150]C born Abt 1925, Chingford Essex England
  Joyce [97151]C born Abt 1930, Chingford Essex England died Abt 1958, Harlow Essex England
  Henry [96683]P
  Sophia [41749]S,S born Abt 1825, North Luffenham Rutland England bapt. 23 Jul 1825, North Luffenham Rutland England died 9 May 1890, Leicester Leicestershire England
  Andrew [97453]C born 21 Apr 1963, Wakefield Yorkshire England
  Ann [97454]C born 27 Nov 1964, Ossett Yorkshire England
  Jennifer Christine [97332]C born 13 Mar 1944, Leeds Yorkshire England bapt. Chapel Allerton Methodist Church Leeds Yorkshire England
  Michael Wood [96436]C born 20 Jul 1934, Wakefield Yorkshire England died 16 Oct 1999, Pontefract Yorkshire England bur. Pontefract Crematorium Yorkshire England
  Sally [97455]C born 27 May 1970, Wakefield Yorkshire England
  Sydney Wood [96435]S,S born 25 Aug 1906, Hunslet Yorkshire England died 30 Dec 1996, Wetherby Yorkshire England bur. 7 Jan 1997, Harrogate Crematorium Yorkshire England
  Kathleen S [109449]S born 1917, Ticehurst Kent England
  Harriet [96663]S,S born 1863, Beckingham Nottinghamshire England
  Ethel [42277]C born 25 Jan 1899, Cheadle Cheshire England died 18 Feb 1994
  Eva [42278]C born Abt 1900, Cheadle Cheshire England died 15 Jan 1901, Cheadle Cheshire England
  Frances [96399]C born 23 Apr 1902, Cheadle Cheshire England died 1960
  John [42276]S,S born 29 Sep 1863, Belper Derbyshire England died 10 Jul 1928, Cheadle Cheshire England
  Kate [42010]S,S born Abt 1860, Tunbridge Wells Kent England died 18 Nov 1945, Cottingham Northamptonshire England bur. 1945, Cottingham Northamptonshire England
  Edith Gladys [94801]P
  Frances Hermenia [42294]S born 1912 died 9 May 2005
  Marjorie Alice [109502]S,S born 4 Apr 1918, Sydney NSW Australia died 26 Apr 1988, Sydney NSW Australia
  Harriett [3741]P born 5 Feb 1833, Sheffield Yorkshire England died Abt 1900
  Chavalai [97471]S,S
  Julia Thomas [52934]P born Abt 1805, Deal Kent England
  Marion Eliza [97463]P
  Alfred [41562]C born Abt 1830, Ridlington Rutland England
  Alfred [97700]C born Abt 1841, Southwark Surrey England
  Drusilla [97695]C born Abt 1831
  Edmund [41561]C born Abt 1828, Ridlington Rutland England
  Ermine [94809]C
  Fanny Stanger [44972]C born 7 Mar 1868
  Gertrude Annie [42236]S,S born 5 Mar 1893, Stanley Derbyshire England bapt. 16 Apr 1893, Stanley Derbyshire England died 26 Aug 1977, Derby Derbyshire England
  H M [44971]C
  James [97699]C born Abt 1839, Cambridge Cambridgeshire England
  John [41560]S,S born Abt 1785, Ridlington Rutland England
  John James [44973]C born 1872, Iowa USA
  John R [44929]S,S born 23 Jul 1846, Eastry Kent England died 15 Oct 1929, Meadow Glade Clark Co. Washington State USA
  Laura Emily Dorothea [42186]S born Abt 1922
  Madeline [97701]C born Abt 1847, Southwark Surrey England
  Mary Eleanor [41727]S born Abt 1884
  Matilda [97698]C born Abt 1837, Middlesex England
  Nellie [94807]C
  Ruth [94808]C
  Sophia [97697]C born Abt 1835
  William [97693]C born 1807, Seaton Rutland England bapt. 15 Nov 1807, Seaton Rutland England died 2 Qtr 1876, Hackney Middlesex England
  William [97696]C born Abt 1833
  William Castle [44930]P born 1813
  Daisy [96812]S
  Elizabeth [41497]S,S born 3 Jun 1803, Leadenham Lincolnshire England bapt. 3 Sep 1803, Leadenham Lincolnshire England died 11 Nov 1890, Leadenham Lincolnshire England
  Eloise [43394]C
  Emma Jane [42003]S,S born 1865, Barrowden Rutland England died 1941
  Geoffrey [43393]S,S
  Susannah [25607]S,S born 1725 died 1780, Lyddington Rutland England bur. 2 Dec 1780, Lyddington Rutland England
  William [102798]S
  Esme Patricia [42240]S born 1929, Derby Derbyshire England
  Ben [100756]S,S born Oct 1882, Deeping St James Lincolnshire England died 14 Jul 1946, Edmonton Middlesex England
  Benjamin Robert (Capt.) [100757]P born 9 Mar 1852, King's Lynn Norfolk England died 23 Aug 1922, Winipeg Manitoba Canada
  Cecil Humphrey Ben [100767]C born May 1910, Deeping St James Lincolnshire England died Apr 1984, Enfield Middlesex England
  Katherine Mary [100958]C born 1913, Bourne Lincolnshire England died 16 Jul 1992, Bournemouth Dorset England
  Marianne Ruth [100768]C born 22 Dec 1921, Edmonton Middlesex England died Oct 1985, Surrey England
  Jesse [96927]S,S born Abt 1845, Middleton Northamptonshire England died Jun 1865
  Mabel Susannah [42285]S,S born Abt 1886 died 4 Sep 1981, Great Easton Leicestershire England bur. 8 Sep 1981, Great Easton Leicestershire England
  Vera Annie [42297]S,S
  Frances Jane [94572]S,S born Hilmarton Wiltshire England
  Elizabeth [43064]S,S,P born Abt 1814, Hollingbourne Kent England
  Elizabeth [84578]P born 1742, Barrowden Rutland England died 1822, Barrowden Rutland England bur. St Peter's Barrowden Rutland England
  Edward [41762]S,S born Abt 1794 died Bef 1881
  Louisa [52812]S,S born Abt 1843, Newington Kent England
  Cyril George Brown [100667]S
  Eleanor [52807]S,S born Abt 1848, Lidsing Kent England
  George [52909]P born 12 Feb 1815, Stockbury Kent England
  Elizabeth [104937]S,S born 1853, Metheringham Lincolnshire England bapt. 7 Dec 1853, St Wilfred's Metheringham Lincolnshire England died 13 Sep 1937, Sheffield Yorkshire England
  John [104938]P born Cir 1825, Blankney Lincolnshire England
  Clive [52440]S,S
  George [97044]S,S born 21 Oct 1918, Mansfield Nottinghamshire England
  Judith Anne [97205]C born 10 Aug 1954, Mansfield Nottinghamshire England
  Charles Stanger [3880]C born Cir 1891, Nottingham Nottinghamshire England died 8 Aug 1918, France
  Elizabeth [100953]P born 1812, Peakirk Northamptonshire England died 1878
  Hannah Stanger [3876]C born Abt 1850, Nottingham Nottinghamshire England
  Henry Guy Stanger [101667]C born Cir 1893, Nottingham Nottinghamshire England
  John [3604]S,S born 21 Jan 1802, March Cambridgeshire England died 8 Mar 1873, Nottingham Nottinghamshire England
  John [3875]P
  John Dent Stanger [3879]C born 4th Qtr 1889, Nottingham Nottinghamshire England bapt. 17 Oct 1889, St Matthew's Nottingham Nottinghamshire England died 8 Nov 1889, Nottingham Nottinghamshire England
  John Stanger [3877]C born 2 Qtr 1855, Nottingham Nottinghamshire England died 30 Jun 1904, Worthing Sussex England
  Mary Alice Stanger [3881]C born 1888, Nottingham Nottinghamshire England died 6 Oct 1976, Houston Harris Co. Texas USA bur. 12 Oct 1976, Sunset View Cemetery Berkeley Alameda Co. California USA
  Unknown [97085]S,S
  Ada [97086]C born 1900 died 17 Aug 1980
  Jess [97087]C
  Mary Ann [25650]S,S born 2 Qtr 1743, Uppingham Rutland England died 2 Qtr 1912, Hackney Middlesex England
  Thomas [97088]C
  William [107842]P
  Unknown [52717]S
  Eliza [42086]S,S born 1863, Lower Slaughter Gloucestershire England died 7 Nov 1944, Heathfield Sussex England
  Charles Robert [101641]P
  Eliza [83341]P
  Mary [3878]S,S born 1856, Upper Tooting Surrey England
  John Thomas [107848]S born 1857, Lyddington Rutland England died Mar 1927, Ashbourne Derbyshire England
  Mary [43286]S,S born 13 Feb 1919 died After 1981, Lady Grey Eastern Cape South Africa
  Reuben [88145]P
  Mary [113429]S
  Margaret [97260]S,S
  Catherine Maria [109492]P
  Nancy [96406]S
  Clara Helena [42139]S,S born 1888 died 8 Jan 1922
  Ashton Wayne [100906]C born 12 Nov 2007, Whangarei Northland New Zealand
  Caden Wayne [100905]C born 3 Sep 2005, Nelson Nelson New Zealand
  Dale Raymond [100904]S,S born 9 Sep 1976
  Anne Brooks [41630]S,S born 1828, Dog Dyke Lincolnshire England bapt. 16 Sep 1828, Thornton le Fen Lincolnshire England died 27 Mar 1891, Leadenham Lincolnshire England
  Dorothy [96438]S,S born 22 Aug 1913 died 4 Nov 2000, Leicester Leicestershire England
  Eric John Morley [100919]S,S born 6 Aug 1886, Christchurch Canterbury New Zealand died 17 Oct 1928, Wellington Wellington New Zealand
  Fanny [42063]S,S born 18 Apr 1851, Bainton Northamptonshire England died 1944
  Hannah [101259]S,S
  Joan Delina [100923]C born 1919-1920
  Mary [96644]P born Langrick Lincolnshire England
  Richard Alfred [100920]P born Cir 1846, Durham Co. Durham England died 1929
  Rosemary Joy Storey [43102]S,S born 29 Nov 1941
  Violet Erica [100924]C born 1926-1927, Nelson Nelson New Zealand died 1 Feb 1932, Wanganui New Zealand
  William [83340]P
  Joan Louie [97168]S,S born 27 May 1934
  Florence M [97030]S
  Jane [51594]S,S born 1816, Otford Kent England died Jun 1869, Maidstone Kent England
  Thomas [52800]P
  Winifred [52870]S,S
  Leonard Reginald [109407]S born 2 Aug 1900, Coventry Warwickshire England died 1973, Southport Lancashire England
  Anne Bertha [43744]S,S died 1992
  Elizabeth [25648]S,S born Abt 1826, Cransley Northamptonshire England bapt. 25 Jun 1826, Cransley Northamptonshire England died 20 Jun 1901, Uppingham Rutland England bur. Jun 1901, Gretton Northamptonshire England
  Ethel [96794]S
  Samuel [97975]P born Cir 1796, Northamptonshire England
  Adrian Douglas Knott [43358]C born 20 Oct 1955
  Arthur Douglas Knott [43185]S,S born 9 Jul 1892
  Arthur Howard Tainton [43267]C born 14 Jan 1924
  Barbara June [43266]C born 28 Jun 1922
  Cecil John Tainton [43268]C born 4 Sep 1927
  Jennifer Kathleen Knott [43357]C born 13 Jun 1953
  John [43263]P
  Lance Gary [43445]C born 28 Oct 1966
  Mark Reid [43360]C born 21 Feb 1962
  Peter Reid [43359]C born 8 Feb 1961
  Robert Maurice Charles Bellak [43356]C born 11 May 1953
  Shirley Elizabeth [43269]C born 1 Jun 1930
  Terence Reid [43361]C born 16 Jul 1966
  Thelma Jessie [43265]C born 8 Dec 1920
  Edward [102785]P
  Hannah [97734]S,S born 3 Nov 1826, Stibbington Huntingdonshire bapt. 3 Dec 1826, Wansford Huntingdonshire England died 4 Qtr 1889, Oakham Rutland England
  Caroline Waterfield [96688]C born Abt 1844, Gretton Northamptonshire England died 1916, Randwick Gloucestershire England
  Eliza [96689]C born Abt 1862
  Eliza [96690]C born Abt 1848 died Bef 1862
  John Robert [96691]C born Abt 1859
  Julia [96708]S,S born 1844 died 1928, Gretton Northamptonshire England
  Lucy [96692]C born Abt 1852, Gretton Northamptonshire England died Wigston Leicestershire England
  Mary Ann [96693]C born Abt 1846
  Rachel [96694]C born Abt 1853
  Robert [96616]S,S
  Sarah [96695]C born Abt 1842
  Darren Huntley [100889]C born 12 Nov 1965, Nelson Nelson New Zealand
  Deborah Michelle [100888]C born 22 Jun 1963, Nelson Nelson New Zealand
  Eric Huntley [100886]S,S
  Tui [100894]C born Nov 2010
  Frank Stenhouse R.N. (Capt.) [102941]S,S died 8 Dec 1931, Wimbledon Surrey England
  George Hector (Rear Admiral) [102942]C born 17 Jun 1889 died 20 Apr 1967, Surrey England
  Arthur Edward Lowther (Baron) [52977]P born 1867, Ireland
  Arthur Marcus Lowther (The Hon.) [43186]S born 1899, Gosforth Northumberland England died 1962
  Bernard Leslie [109496]S born 19 Nov 1901, Sheffield Yorkshire England died 14 May 1976, Sheffield Yorkshire England
  Ada Annie [104991]S,S born 1890, Whaplode Lincolnshire England died 1966, East Elloe Lincolnshire England
  James [104992]P
  Walter Stanley [41912]S born 1892, Strathbogie Colony of Victoria died 1971, Euroa VIC Australia
  Clara [96910]S,S born 1885
  Margaret [97174]S,S born 19 Apr 1911, Stockport Cheshire England died 20 Mar 2004, East Stour Dorset England

No Surname, A, B, [C], D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z,


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