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16. Capt. Spencer Mansel MEDLEY RN [10467] (John D.D. L.L.D. (Rt.Rev. Lord Bishop)6, George3, Henry1) was born on 26 Jan 1837 in Kenwyn Cornwall England, was baptised on 18 Apr 1837 in Kenwyn Cornwall England, died on 28 Jan 1893 in Mount View Asylum Wellington Wellington New Zealand at age 56, and was buried on 31 Jan 1893 in Karori Cemetery Wellington New Zealand. The cause of his death was Degeneration of the Brain.

General Notes: Sponsors: Rev. Spencer Percival Mansel (whom he was named after), son of Rt. Rev. William Mansel, Bishop of Bristol; his aunt Miss Elizabeth Bacon (1815-1867); and the Rev. R. Lampen.
10 Jun 1845 when he was 8 years old the family arrived in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, his father having been appointed the Bishop there.
Spencer served in the Royal Navy from 1857-83. He was on Australian, East Indies and China stations 1857-66 in the Pelorus, Iris, Harrier, and Princess Royal.
02 Feb 1857 Mate (Seniority date).
17 Aug 1857 appointed to: H.M.S. Pelorus (steam corvette East Indies and China).
1857-9 Spencer kept a daily Journal of his travels in H.M.S. Pelorus.
19 May 1859 Lieutenant (Seniority date - until 1871).
19 May 1859 appointed to: H.M.S. Iris (6th rate Australian station).
05 Apr 1861 appointed to: H.M.S. Pelorus (Australian station).
27 Apr 1861 Spencer was already courting Mary Catherine Taylor, and they were unofficially 'engaged' by this time, although they did not marry until December 1863.
24 Jan 1862 He was appointed to: H.M.S. Harrier (steam sloop Australian station).
1863 at the time of his marriage he was serving as Aide de Camp to Governor George Grey, Capt., R.N., Governor of New Zealand (bc1811); he was also for a time private Secretary to Sir George Grey.
Spencer served in the Taranaki War with the Naval Brigade.
07 Sep 1865 appointed to: H.M.S. Princess Royal (steam 2nd rate, China).
1866 Spencer's service in New Zealand came to an end and the family settled in England but returned to New Zealand later.
23 Jan 1866 He was appointed to: H.M.S. Troopship Orontes (steam troopship Particular Service)
1867 He was an officer at Portsea, England.
Jul 1867 the family were living at Portsmouth, near Winchester when Rev. Richard and Mrs Taylor visited England with their youngest daughter Bertha; and Rev. Taylor baptised their son Selwyn, his grandson, who was born in October.
16 Sep 1867 Spencer was appointed to: H.M.S. Victory (flagship Portsmouth). He had the honour of serving as a lieutenant on board Nelson's old ship the Victory in Portsmouth Harbour, under Capt. Beauchamp Seymour, afterwards Lord [?].
28 Dec 1868 Lieutenant Medley's service aboard the Victory came to an end.
08 Jan 1869 He was appointed to: H.M.S. Orontes (Particular Service).
1871-83 Inspecting Officer, Coastguard in the Banff, Inverness and Dartmouth divisions.
29 Dec 1871 Commander (Seniority date - until 1883).
06 Nov 1873 Inspecting Officer H.M. Coast Guard. He commanded coast guard stations and in that capacity acted as inspector and supervisor of naval reserves. In this latter connection he, likewise, commanded a naval reserve drill ship.
1881 British Census: Spencer M. Medley, age 44, Commander R.N. Active List (Navy Officer). Dwelling: Elstow Villa, Tormoham, Devon, England.
01 Jul 1882 - 01 Jul 1883 Spencer kept a small note book he titled "Money Investments", purchased from Hudson & Kearns, Southwark St, Manufacturing Stationers. Most of the pages were cut out of the notebook at a later date leaving only two which listed: 1883 June 15th: Halcombe 150/ at 9 % for 3 years; Beattie 600/ at 9% for 7 years; Milne 400/ at 8% for 5 years; June 20th: Possel 200/ at 8% for 7 years; Lorenson 100/ at 10% for 5 years; and July 1st: Harris 600/ at 8% for 7 years. On the front cover he had written: "Captn. S. M. Medley, RN."
1883 Retired List. In 1883 he retired from the service with the rank of Commander. It was after his retirement that the family immigrated permanently back to New Zealand and settled first at Wanganui and then at Wellington. Their son Selwyn either went with them or else (due to studying) followed afterwards. Spencer must have been appointed Captain upon his retirement, prior to returning to New Zealand, however he was not gazetted "Post Captain" until 1886.
14 Mar 1884 It is reported that Capt Medley of Wanganui favours Westport beer.
27 Jun 1884 Capt Medley is chief mourner at the funeral of his mother-in-law Mrs Richard Taylor.
25 Jul 1884 Capt Medley elected Synodsman to represent Wanganui at Diocesan Synod in Wellington.
19 Feb 1886 Capt S M Medley RN appointed Aide de Camp to Governor Sir William Jervois, during his term of governorship.
29 Dec 1886 Captain (Retired List - Seniority date), Gazetted Post Captain, Royal Navy.
06 Jul 1889 Capt Medley is said to be among the applicants for the post of Sergeant-at-Arms.
Spencer was decorated with the Crimean and New Zealand Medals. He was 'for some time in the Wellington Asylum' before he died there.

Buried in Karori Cemetery with his wife and daughter, Adela.
Area 01, Block A, Row 03, Plot 003
"Adela MEDLEY b.9 Sep 1864 d. 3 Oct 1934. Mary Catherine MEDLEY b. 8July 1835 d. 17 May 1922. Jesu Mercy.
Here rests the body of Capt Spencer Mansel MEDLEY, R.N., 4th son of the first Bishop of Fredericton, Canada. He dep this life 26 Jan 1893 a. 56yrs. RIP. In hope of the resurrection to eternal life."

Spencer married Mary Catherine TAYLOR [10372] [MRIN: 4764], daughter of Rev. Richard TAYLOR [10365] and Mary Caroline FOX [10369], on 16 Dec 1863 in St Paul's Putiki Wanganui New Zealand. Mary was born on 8 Jul 1835 in Coveney Cambridgeshire England, was baptised on 2 Aug 1835 in Coveney Rectory Cambridgeshire England, died on 17 May 1922 in Wellington Wellington New Zealand at age 86, and was buried in Karori Cemetery Wellington New Zealand.

General Notes: God-parents: her Uncle Rev. George Fox; her Aunt Charlotte Fox; and Madam Bace-Boffinger.
1836 Left England as a 7 months old child, with parents and elder siblings on the 'Prince Regent' sailing to Sydney.
1839 Sailed to Bay of Islands, New Zealand aged 4 with her mother, sister and younger brother.
1843 When the family arrived and settled in Wanganui, she was aged 7 years.
Mary Catherine Taylor lived in Putiki as a girl and from a young age made a major contribution to the running of the mission station. She assisted in the tasks associated with the mission in the years before her marriage. On numerous occasions she accompanied her father on some of his missionary journeys. She was the first lady to accomplish the arduous feat of riding on horseback to Auckland.
1853 She accompanied Governor George Grey on a trip.
1860 Went by ship with her father to Auckland.
27 Apr 1861 Lt. Spencer Mansel Medley (in the Royal Navy) was already courting and unofficially 'engaged' to Mary by this date, however they did not marry until December 1863.
16 Mar 1863 Mary was rescued from drowning by her sister Bertha at Wanganui Heads.
16 Dec 1863 Rev. Richard Taylor conducted his daughter's marriage, recording "I married Mary to Mr Medley, he is a Lieutenant in the navy and third son of the Bishop of Fredericton, New Brunswick. I found it a difficult task to read the service. Major Durie gave Mary away. The church was prettily decorated with flowers and nikau palm leaves. We had about 22 to the breakfast."
1865 After the service of her husband came to an end in New Zealand, they settled in England, but returned to New Zealand later.
1881 British Census: Mary C. Medley, Age 45. Dwelling: Elstow Villa, Tormoham, Devon, England.
It was soon after her husband's retirement in 1883 that the family immigrated permanently back to New Zealand and settled at Wellington.
1884 Mary was an artist and sketchbook artist, and appears to have travelled and sketched various parts of the north island of New Zealand with her sister Laura Harper, as both artists have sketchbooks of very similar views. For a record of her artworks, see below.
19 Dec 1884 Mrs Capt Medley had a narrow escape from drowning. She was knocked overboard and saved by an oar thrown to her before the boat could be brought around.
23 May 1885 Mary attended the wedding of her niece Mary Edith Laura Taylor to Alexander Peebles Webster, at Wanganui.
1910/1 Mary probably visited England at this time, as there are autographs of her aunt Mary Lousada Bacon (1811-1912) and cousin Gertrude Bacon Foggitt (1874-1949) in her autograph book signed in January 1911.
In her later years Mary was involved in the suffragette and temperance movements in the interests of Maori women.
Mary Catherine Taylor Medley collected a book of the signatures of some notable political figures of her day covering the period 1860-1922 (including Winston Churchill, Lloyd George, and the then Prince of Wales, Prince Edward (later King Edward VIII), and of her extended family members. She enjoyed a full social life with many distinguished friends, including the occupants for the time being of Govt. House, or Bishops Court, and various politicians, and she always entertained officers of visiting Naval vessels, and was entertained by them. By all accounts she had a charming personality, and "endeared herself to a very wide circle of friends". Her nephew Cranleigh Barton recalled "Aunt Mary was always poised and gracious and very good company."
She ended her days in Wellington, living with her unmarried daughter Adela at 15 Upland Road, Kelburn. She was invalid for some time before she died.
Will filed 29 May 1922 in Wellington Ct - Widow. ProbateNo. 32288 - Wellington Archives.

Children from this marriage were:

   27 F    i. Adela Mary Constance MEDLEY [10470] was born on 9 Sep 1864 in Auckland Auckland New Zealand, was baptised in 1864 in St Mary's Parnell Auckland Auckland New Zealand, died on 3 Oct 1934 in Wellington Wellington New Zealand at age 70, and was buried in Karori Cemetery Wellington New Zealand.

General Notes: Baptised at St Mary's, Parnell, Auckland by the Bishop Selwyn.
Sponsors: Bishop George Augustus Selwyn, D.D., First Bishop of New Zealand and Lichfield (1809-1878); Admiral Parkin, R.N.; her aunt Miss Bertha Charlotte Augusta Taylor (1842-1878); her grand-aunt Miss Elizabeth Bacon (1815-1867); Lady Martin (d aft 1884; wife of Sir William Martin).
Aka: Adela Spencer Medley.
Adela performed frequently at charitable and other concerts.
23 May 1885 Adela attended the wedding of her cousin Mary Edith Laura Taylor to
Alexander Peebles Webster, at Wanganui.
29 May 1885 At the Wanganui Fire Brigade fancy dress ball, Adela went as a butterfly.
05 Sep 1889 Miss Medley played two piano solos at a concert in the Tinakori schoolroom at Wellington.
1893 Electoral Roll: Adela was a Music Teacher living at 29 Pipitea St, Wellington.
1919 Lived at Wellington. She nursed her mother who had become a confirmed invalid.
In later years she may also have been known as: Adela Spencer Medley.
Adela devoted many years to the teaching of music. Many of her compositions received
High Commendation and were published. A few years before she died she played upon the grand organ at the Wellington Town Hall. She made occasional trips to England, and endeared herself to a wide circle of friends. In thought, act, and spirit she was in the full sense a Christian woman, and she never up to the time of her death missed her Sunday attendance at church.
Died, (evening of) Wed 03 Oct 1934 (suddenly, and unexpectedly, whilst dressing to attend a reception at Government House, she collapsed and died) at her residence 15 Upland Road, Kelburn, Wellington, New Zealand.

Buried in Karori Cemetery with her mother, Mary Catherine MEDLEY, and father, Capt Spencer Mansel MEDLEY. (Area 01, Block A, Row 03, Plot 003)
"Adela MEDLEY born 9 September 1864, died 3 October 1934." + details of her parents.

+ 28 M    ii. Capt. John Spencer Selwyn MEDLEY [10471] was born on 8 Oct 1867 in Winchester Hampshire England, was baptised in 1868 in Kings Worthy Church Winchester Hampshire England, died on 23 Jul 1937 in New Plymouth Taranaki New Zealand at age 69, and was buried on 24 Jul 1937 in Te Henui Cemetery New Plymouth Taranaki New Zealand.

   29 M    iii. John L MEDLEY [81569] was born in 1868 in Winchester Hampshire England.

18. Christiana Elizabeth MEDLEY [45487] (John D.D. L.L.D. (Rt.Rev. Lord Bishop)6, George3, Henry1) was born on 28 Mar 1840 in St Thomas Vicarage Exeter Devon England, was baptised on 10 May 1840 in St Thomas Church Exeter Devon England, died on 24 Aug 1870 in Bath Somerset England at age 30, and was buried in Bath Somerset England.

General Notes: Sponsors at her Christening were: her uncle (later Reverend) Thomas Bacon, Esquire (1813-1892); a Miss Frances Griffiths; and a Miss Frances Robertson.
Medley Family Suffix: Christiana Elizabeth Medley II.
10 Jun 1845 Arrvd in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada with her father the Bishop.

Christiana married Capt. Henry John LANCASTER R.A. [Artilliery] [45488] [MRIN: 16297] on 4 May 1864 in St James' Southampton Hampshire England. Henry was born in 1841 in Caversham Oxfordshire England and died after 1909 in Portsmouth Hampshire England.

The child from this marriage was:

+ 30 F    i. Christiana Margaret LANCASTER [45489] was born on 7 Mar 1865 in Ealing Middlesex England, was baptised in 1865 in Ealing Middlesex England, and died circa 1911 in England at age 46.

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