The Descendants of David Cyrus Langley, 1769-1860.


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2. Ann Bella LANGLEY [52712] (David Cyrus1) was born in 1792 in London England, was baptised in 1793 in St Botolph, Bishop's Gate [London], England., and died in 1875 in Mudgee Colony of New South Wales at age 83.

Ann married Richard Leverett MILLS [96137] [MRIN: 18789] in 1811 in England. Richard was born in 1784 and died in 1850 at age 66.

The child from this marriage was:

   6 M    i. Josiah Wyer MILLS [96142] was born in 1830 and died in 1865 at age 35.

4. Sophia LANGLEY [52695] (David Cyrus1) was born on 30 Nov 1802 on board Sailing Ship "Rolla" off the Madiera Islands, was baptised in St Phillip's Sydney Colony of New South Wales, died in 1887 in Granville Colony of New South Wales at age 85, and was buried in Baptist Cemetery Parramatta Colony of New South Wales.

General Notes: In April 2008, Patricia Wilma [Easdown] McPherson provided the following Sophia Langley Story:

SOPHIA LANGLEY (1802 a 1887)
Three of our pioneer women, covering two generations from 1802 were Sophia Langley and her daughters Elizabeth Millage and Lucy Ann Arkell.
They were not the pioneer women who struggled to survive in the bush in an old slab hut with a bark roof and isolated from the company of other women. Instead, they lived in large homesteads in the comparative comfort of the times for most of their lives and could move about from the country to Sydney.
They did, however, have to survive the perils of the times with the dangers of unpredictable aboriginals, bushrangers, the gold rush, droughts, lack of proper medical care and all the other discomforts of the times.
Sophia was born at sea off Madiera aboard the sailing ship "Rolla" on 30 November 1802. Seventeen days after the ship arrived in the colony her parents, David and Ann Langley had her baptised at St Phillip's Church, Sydney. Sophia went with her parents to Mulgrave Place where her father had been granted a property of 100 acres in 1804. In 1807 both her mother and older sister had babies. It must have been confusing for a five year old, the difference between a niece and a sister of the same age would be hard to understand.
Sophia's father fell out with the "Establishment" at the time of the Rum Rebellion and was dismissed from his position as Superintendent of Government Blacksmiths and although he was later reinstated by Governor Macquarie he was again dismissed in 1816. The family's fortunes were now on the wane. David Langley had become difficult to get along with and he had turned to alcohol.
By the time Sophia had turned 15 her mother had died and her elder sister, Ann, had migrated across the Blue Mountains to the settlement at Bathurst. Sophia followed Ann to Bathurst, possibly to assist with the birth of Ann's expected child. There were very few women over the mountains at this time to assist with midwifery and house keeping. A young sister must have been of great assistance at this time.
In May 1822 when she was 19 years of age Sophia married Richard Millage, a convict who had obtained his ticket of leave. The journey to the church would have been an ordeal. The couple. travelled to Castlereagh to the little Anglican, Christ Church, for the ceremony and then back to Bathurst. As Sophia was five months pregnant at the time, the hazards of Mt York and Lapstone and the rough road over the mountains must have been a great strain for the young bride.
The baby, Elizabeth, was christened by the Rev. Samuel Marsden in October 1822 and as Marsden was travelling over the mountains at this time, Elizabeth would have been amongst the earliest of children christened by him in the Bathurst area.
The marriage was not a success however, and within twenty months Sophia had left her husband and formed an association with a newly rising pastoralist, Thomas Arkell. This action of Sophia's lifted her away from an existence as the wife of a struggling ex-convict with little future, into the class of the "Squatocracy". This provided her and her descendants with a more comfortable and secure future.
Although Arkell was twenty six years her senior the association proved successful. They were never able to marry as Millage outlived Arkell.
Sophia gave birth to Thomas Arkell's child, Lucy Ann, in October 1824 at Bathurst. For some reason the baby was christened at Sackville north of Windsor. Perhaps it was because the aborigines had become troublesome around Bathurst and driven off Arkell's sheep. He may have moved his new family to a safer place until the trouble abated.
Arkell prospered, becoming very wealthy. He provided well for his "wife" and family. He conveyed two of his properties, "Charlton" and "Cheltenham" in trust to his daughter Lucy Ann so that when he died in 1848 Sophia received the rents from these properties for the rest of her life.
Sophia would have been about 46 years of age when Thomas died. She eventually sold her property in the town of Bathurst to her grand daughter Sophia Fox and moved to Sydney. She lived in various parts of Sydney over the years, Alexandria, Camperdown possibly where the multi-storey building of Royal Prince Alfred now stands, Balmain near the point of the peninsula, and finally at Granville. She acquired and sold other properties in Sydney. Other members of her extended family lived in Sydney and would have kept in contact with her.
In 1887 at the age of 85, after being ill for 5 years, Sophia was no longer able to cope with the worries and stress of living. She sadly died in an extreme state of distress and depression at her Granville home. Her eldest daughter, Elizabeth, was with her when she went into convulsions and died.
Noel Gunness, great great grand son. ... June 1992
In an e-Mail received from Mark Turnbull in September 2011, he included an extract from The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, dated Thursday, 26 February, 1824, that read as follows:
"Whereas my Wife Sophia Millage, has left her Home without just cause or provocation, this is to Caution all Persons from harbouring her after this Notice; and I also Caution Persons from giving her Credit, as I will not be responsible for any Debts she may contract. -- Richard Millage.

Sophia married Richard MILLEDGE [52694] [MRIN: 18781] in May 1822 in Christ Church Castlereagh Colony of New South Wales. Richard was born in 1794 and died in 1872 in Cassilis Colony of New South Wales at age 78.

Noted events in his life were:

Immigration: on board the Vessel "Rolla", 12 May 1803, Colony of New South Wales.

The child from this marriage was:

+ 7 F    i. Elizabeth MILLEDGE [52679] was born in Sep 1822, was baptised on 5 Oct 1822 in Parramatta Church of England Colony of New South Wales, died in 1900 in "Taurie" Nr. Bathurst Colony of New South Wales at age 78, and was buried in Bathurst Cemetery Colony of New South Wales.

Sophia next married Thomas ARKELL [52696] [MRIN: 18782]. Marriage status: protector. Thomas was born circa 1776 in England and died on 12 Apr 1848 in Rockley Colony of New South Wales at age 72.

The child from this marriage was:

   8 F    i. Lucy Ann ARKELL [52697] was born on 4 Oct 1824 in Bathurst Colony of New South Wales and died on 20 Mar 1896 in Bathurst Colony of New South Wales at age 71.

Lucy married Charles Marsden McPHILLAMY [52698] [MRIN: 18783] on 6 Feb 1844. Charles was born on 8 Mar 1821 and died on 15 Mar 1906 at age 85.

5. Elizabeth LANGLEY [52711] (David Cyrus1) was born in 1807 in Richmond Colony of New South Wales and died in 1888 in Lithgow Colony of New South Wales at age 81.

Elizabeth married James WRIGHT [96135] [MRIN: 32102] in 1832 in Abercrombie Colony of New South Wales. James was born in 1804 and died in 1835 at age 31.

The child from this marriage was:

   9 F    i. Martha WRIGHT [96136] was born circa 1828.

Elizabeth next married Joseph CHARLTON [96143] [MRIN: 32106] in 1837 in Kelso Colony of New South Wales. Joseph was born in 1812 and died in 1861 at age 49.

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