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2. Charles HOWARD [3684] (Robert1) was born in Brackley Northants England, was christened 24 Feb 1822 in Brackley Northants England, and died in Somewhere in America? ???.

General Notes: Family hearsay has it that Charles was of "Noble?" Birth. He is supposed to have been a "Remittance Man"; and is also believed to have deserted his Wife and Children. This was probably after the Birth of Bertha in 1883, in Q'land); and he is supposed to have gone to America. If this was the case; and assuming his Birth to have been in 1825 or thereabouts, then he must have been about 58 when he left. Sylvia Jones advises, June 22, 1988, that Maude Katte is believed to have thought that her Father, Charles Howard may have been a Naval Officer. This belief was founded on her observance that "all the men stood at salute as he came ashore". It is presumed that this occurred in Brisbane; and was witnessed by Maude sometime in her youth. If this episode is so, it may also have been due to his "Birth? ???". Extract of Parish Register of St.Peter's, Brackley Northants, (p.68, 1822) give details of Charles (but whose Charles) Birth. (Received Jul.26,1988.) Request for Marriage Cert. for Charles, as noted below has been returned as not relating to Charles and Matilda. ...

1. BIRTH of Ernest Augustus, 2nd. Son, Jan.18,1867, in Brisbane, Q. shows Father as Charles HOWARD, 42 years, born Brackley, Northants, married Matilda SIVLEY, London Jan.22,1864. This would put Charles Date of Birth somewhere in 1824/5. Birth Certs. of first and third children confirm 1825; but Birth Cert. of last child, Bertha (Jan.1883) shows Charles as 56 years old, resulting in a Birth year for Charles of 1827. G.R.O. RECORDS at Mormon Library, Mortdale have not at this juncture produced a Marriage record for either Charles HOWARD or Matilda SIVLEY, (See Matilda Sivley Notes.) except for a Charles Howard married at Chelsea 1Q, 1864. Ref. 1a 311. No corresponding entry has been found for Matilda.

1. Await receipt of Birth & Death Certs from Q'ld (received). Search for Death Cert. for Matilda SIVLEY records "No Result" for the period Jan.1, 1898, to Dec.31, 1902. Check with Relatives for any further information; and request further search for Death Certificate for Matilda. Matilda's Death cert. received June 8, 1988.
2. Further pursue G.R.O. Records for Marriage. No result other than above. May 24, 1988.
3. Pursue Shipping Records for arrivals in Q'ld. between mid-1864 and early 1867.
4. Pursue Shipping Records for departures from Q'land from 1882. At this time Charles would have been approx. 55/58 years old.
5. Apply to Northants Record Office, Delapre Abbey Northampton, NN4 9AW for Birth Certificate. -- H.U.SMITH. May 2/May 24, 1988. -- Birth Cert. received, indicates Charles (whose?) was born 24/2/1822 to Robert and Mary Howard at Brackley St.Peter. Robert was a Grocer; but this record seems doubtful as Robert is not a regularly used Name in the Howard Family. H.U.SMITH. Aug.17,1989.
For Locations, See Shell Road Atlas, P30, B2.

Charles married Matilda SIBLEY [3685] [MRIN: 2280], daughter of George SIBLEY [3721] and Hannah KETLEY [3722], 22 Jan 1864 in London England. Matilda was born 30 Jan 1845 in Sth.Ockenden Greys Orsett Essex England, was christened 02 Mar 1845 in South Ockenden Essex England, died 01 Jan 1920 in Alfred St Fortitude Valley Q'land Australia at age 74, and was buried 02 Jan 1920 in Toowong Cemetery Brisbane Q'land Australia. Other names for Matilda were Sivley & Davey, and Till.

General Notes: Matilda apparently attended at the birth of her first Grand-son, Charles. (See Charles Howard Birth Cert.) She is believed to have still been alive after the birth of Stanley Lyster Howard. NOTE: Further info. proves she lived much longer. She apparently claimed that her Husband, Charles Howard, deserted her and went to America, leaving after the birth of Stanley Lyster Howard. NOTE: Further info. proves she lived much longer. She apparently claimed that her Husband, Charles Howard, deserted her and went to America, leaving her with the Children. He is supposed to have been a "Remittance Man". If he "skipped" after the Birth of Bertha (Youngest?) in 1883, then he must have been 55 years old (plus), if information on Birth Cert. of Ernest Augustus, Born 1867, is correct. She was supposed to have stated after the birth of Stanley Lyster Howard, that the Howard name would die out with that Generation. Her name was spelt "Sivley" on Qld. Birth Cert. of Ernest Augustus Howard; and also on the Birth and Death Certs. for Charles (1st) and Florence (3rd) and the Birth Cert. for Bertha, the youngest. H.U.Smith Apr.12,1988, from information provided by Valmai Shirley Howard. (See letter Apr.4,1988.) and Birth Certs. from Q'land. R.G. Dept.
[Old Note]
(keep for reference) May 4, 1988: Photographs of Matilda and her Sister Emily Lyster, show her at an estimated age of 65-72? years. If this is the case; and if she was, in fact born about 1844, then she may not have died until 1910-15. Further, inspection of photo of "Howard Family Party" prior to Stanley Lyster Howard's embarkation to 1914-18 War, say 1914 or 1915 seems to include a Lady very like Matilda. If so, than previous assumption that she may have lived till 1915 is probably correct. As of June 10, 1988. ...

Matilda's Death Cert. shows her Father as George SIVLEY. She was born in Essex (but where?) and was a Widow? at the time of her Death. Matilda's Birth Certificate, received from Colin Ulph on September 27, 1988, shows her Maiden Name as 'Sibley'; and her Mother's Maiden Name as Hannah 'Kirtley'. However, as the Birth Cert. also indicates that details of Matilda's Birth were provided by her Mother, who 'made her mark' and obviously was unable to write; then there is some doubt about the Original Spelling of both the 'Sivley' and the 'Ketley' names.

BIRTH of Ernest Augustus 18.1.1867, Brisbane, Q. Shows Mother Matilda SIVLEY, 23 years, born Essex, married Charles HOWARD, London, 22.1.1864. ...Birth Certs. of Charles, Florence and Bertha, support her Birth as occuring in 1844/5; but these Birth Certs. do not carry Marriage Details.G.R.O. RECORDS at Mormon Library Mortdale show: NO MARRIAGE for Sivley between 1Q, 1863 & 3Q, 1865, (she must have left U.K. about this time to reach Q'land in time for Birth of Charles). NO BIRTH for Matilda Sivley or Sisley or Sibley from 1Q, 1839 and 4Q, 1848, except Matilda SiBley, born Orsett, Essex, (near Greys) 1Q, 1845. Ref. Vol.XII, p191. (Now, 27/9/88, known to be 'our Matilda', see Notes above. Second Search for Birth of Matilda between 1Q,1843 and 4Q,1845, do not reveal a Birth for Sivley, Sively, Sisley, Sifley or Sibley, except for Matilda Sivyer, 3Q,1844 at Chelsea Ref. III 57 and Matilda Sibley, 1Q,1845 at Orsett, Essex, Ref.XII 191. Further search, June 14, 1988 between 1Q, 40 and 4Q, 50, reveal NO Sivleys at all. However, a further Matilda SiBley, born Hackney 1Q, 1849, Ref III 208 was found. Also an Eliza Sibley and a John William Sibley, born 2Q, 1842 and 1Q, 1840 respectively in Orsett Essex. SO, Matilda SiBley, born Orsett 1Q, 1845 is probably a SiBley, not a mis-printed SiVley after all. Ref. Nos. for the two additional Sibleys are, for Eliza, XII 182, & for John William, XII 180. This search included SiVleys, Sisleys, Sinleys, Silveys, Sigleys, Sidleys and Sibleys. June 17, 1988. ... Search of Queensland Marriages carried out at the Mormon Library, Greenwich, for 1864 to 1899 do not reveal any trace of a Marriage between Charles Howard and Matilda Sivley. So it seems they were not married in Queensland after their arrival in 1864 or 1865.


SURNAME is PROBABLY Sivley (with a V) or perhaps Sively. Change of spelling in Name of youngest Son of Bradwell-near-Sea Sivelys may have been origin of this spelling.

1. May not have been married.
2. May have married on way to Q'land.
3. May have married on arrival in Q'ld; but probably not. (See Note above dated June 17, 1988)
UNLESS Matilda was substantially older than is shown on Birth C. of Ernest Augustus. (23 yrs.) If so he may have married earlier than 1863.

AGE: At present it seems that Matilda was Born in 1844-45, if information on four of her Children's Birth Certificates is accurate. Death Certificate, received June 10, 1988, implies that her Birth occured in February 1846. However it still gives her Place of Birth as Essex only, with no Town or Parish. SO, Where & when was she born?

1. Await receipt of Birth & Death Certs. from Q'ld (received); but not Matilda's Death Cert. Re-apply for Death Cert. for next period. Death Cert. received June 9, 1988.
2. Further pursue G.R.O. Records. Now searched Marriage Records from 1863 to around 3q,1865. No Sivley Marriage found; but a Marriage for Charles Howard in 1Q, 1864 is recorded at Chelsea ref. 1a 311. June 10, 1988: Re-search Births from 1Q, 1846, which is when she was born according to her Death Certificate. (See above, Search Notes) Birth Cert. rec'd. Sep. 27, 1988. ...
3. Ascertain passage details if possible.
4. Search Queensland records for possible Marriage after their arrival in Q'land.
5. Apply for and search 1841 Census for South Ockenden, Essex, for further Family Details. H.U.SMITH. May 3/24/June 10/14, 1988.

Birth Cert. rec'd. Sep. 27, 1988. ...

A search of the 1841 Census for South Ockenden and surrounding Parishes did not produce any Sibleys/sivleys who may be connected to Matilda. Nov.18,1988.
For Locations, See Shell Road Atlas, P22, C3 & D3.

An email from Laurette MacWhirter, received January 2004, resolves the matter of Matilda's Name. She was born Sibley; but after the death of her Father; and her Mother's re-marriage to John Davey, adopted the Name of her Step-Father [Davey]

Children from this marriage were:

   3 M    i. Charles Arthur Sivley HOWARD [3686] was born 02 Nov 1865 in German Settlement Toombul Brisbane Colony of Queensland, died 23 Mar 1866 in German Settlement, Toombul, Brisbane, Q'land, Aust, and was buried 24 Mar 1866 in German Station Cemetery Toombul Brisbane Colony of Queensland.

+ 4 M    ii. Ernest Augustus HOWARD [3636] was born 18 Jan 1867 in German Station Cemetery Toombul Brisbane Colony of Queensland, died 19 Sep 1936 in Mental Hospital Goodna Queensland at age 69, and was buried 21 Sep 1936 in Lytwyche Cemetery Brisbane Queensland Australia.

   5 F    iii. Florence Emily HOWARD [3687] was born 14 Jun 1869 in Jane St. Fortitude Valley Brisbane Colony of Queensland, died 13 Jan 1870 in Ann St. Fortitude Valley Brisbane Colony of Queensland, and was buried 01 Feb 1870 in C.of E. Cemetery, ?.

+ 6 F    iv. Ada Emma HOWARD [3688] was born in 1872 and died about 0191 about age -1681.

   7 M    v. Bertie George HOWARD [3689] was born in 1874.

Bertie married Anne PETERSEN [3695] [MRIN: 2314], daughter of Unknown and Unknown.

+ 8 F    vi. Maude Ethel HOWARD [3690] was born in 1876 in Brisbane Colony of Queensland and died 16 May 1959 at age 83.

+ 9 F    vii. Mabel Hannah HOWARD [3691] was born in 1879 and died in 1966 at age 87.

+ 10 F    viii. Bertha Louisa HOWARD [3692] was born 12 Jan 1883.

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