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Over a Period of Time, I have received several "Histories" of various People, and or Families.


Some of those available are,


"Our Family Story", the Story of William Bishop, provided by Anthony Armitage Bishop in 2011. To read the Bishop Story, click here.


A History of the Wilkinson Family, provided by James Wilkinson of Melbourne, Australia. To read the Wilkinson History, click here.


The Story of the Ulph Family of St. Ives in Cambridgeshire, a Chapter from a Book on the Ulph Family, produced by Colin Ulph,
        of Shoreham in Sussex. To read the Story of the St Ives Ulphs, click here.


Some Notes on the Tainton Family of South Africa can be read by clicking here.


An early Forwood History, by Keith Goodman can be read by clicking here, along with a later Forwood History by the same Gentleman,
        that can be read by clicking here.


A Tale of the Chaplin Family of Long Medford can be read by clicking here.


A History of the Charles Smith and Lepard Families, and their Association with Hamper [Paper] Mill, provided by John Robson
        can be read by clicking here.



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or, eMail me if you wish to send me a History written by either Yourself of an Ancestor .

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