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All the Pages on the Sylvia Taylor Family intro Page have been updated late March and early April, 2007.

       The Family of William Bishop, the Family of another of my [Howard Smith's] Paternal Great-Great-Grandmothers; and, of course Anthony Bishop's Family.
       Anthony and myself are both descended from William Bishop and Diane Harwood, as is Sylvia Edith Taylor.
       Sylvia's Family is the Family of William Taylor, circa 1628, from Ipswich in Suffolk, England, while her Husband's Family is the Family of William Robertson, from Aberdeen in Scotland, circa 1790.
       Associated with and married into the Taylor Family is the Family of Isaac King who was born about 1772 at Castle Hedingham in Essex.
The Taylor Family have been updated and the King Family added on December the 3rd, 2011.

       The Family of John Andrews, born in 1710, in Elham, Kent, England.

       The Family of Joseph Annabell, from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, England, circa 1790.
       The Family of Lieutenant Nenon Armstrong, of the Royal Irish Artillery, born in Chapelizard, Dublin, Ireland in 1724. There is Information available on the Web about the Oxmantown Area of Dublin, which includes the Area of Chapelizod. You need to search the Page for "Chapelizod", or "Armstrong" as it is a fairly long Page. The Link is
For more Information contact Graeme Beere.
       Associated with [married into] the Armstrong Families are the Families of Sir William de Burgh, whose Family appear to have come from the Area around Kilmaine in Co. Mayo, Ireland, and those of David Lloyd, circa 1560 and Richard Kingsmill, probably from the early 1400s, whose Origins are presently unknown. The Family of the Rev. Gerald Butler Beere, born in 1796 in Dublin is a part of the Armstrong Family. Two further Families associated with the Armstrong and De Burgh Families are those of Archbishop William Magee, of Dublin and the Family of the Rev. Hugh Ker, circa 1600, of parts unknown; but probably somewhere in Ireland. Both these last two Families have only brief Information.
       Also associated with the Armstrong Family are the Families of Edward Connor, circa 1810, whose Origins are unknown, and the Family of William Treglown, circa 1815, who probably came from the Area around Cambourne in Cornwall. Neither of these Families are of great extent, but need to be included in any viewing of the Armstrong Family, as some were born with Names other than Armstrong or Connor, but were known by those Names.

          AND, in April 2014, Alan Turner has provided Information on the Bell Family and their Ancestors, reaching back to Anlaff, who died in 905. Eventually the Bell Family marry into the Armstrong and Beere Families.
The Armstrong Family has been updated December 03, 2005;
and again in April 2008 after additional Information received from Scott M. Drummey.
The de Burgh, David Lloyd and Kingsmill Families have been added in November 2011.
The Armstrong and De Burgh Families and the Ker and Magee Families added on May the 26th, following Information provided by Rosamund [Bryn] Anthony.
The Armstrong Family has been updated in December 2013, and the Connor and Treglown Families added as a result of more Information received from Rosamund [Bryn] Anthony .
In December 2013, the Beere and Armstrong Families have been updated .
The Bell Family and their Ancestral Line have been added early October, 2014.

       The Family of the Rev. James Bagge, from Ireland, probably near Waterford. Also associated with the Bagge Family is the Family of Charles Augustus Sippi. Charles was possibly born in India. If not, his Son was. For more Information try Norah Toth.
Another Family associated with the Bagge Family is the Family of Captain Samuel Sturmer, 1763-1816 from London. His Children adopted the Name of, or were otherwise known as Von Sturmer. As of March 2008, we have an earlier Generation of the Sturmer and Ogier Families, so the Family now starts with the Ogier Family, who, within a Generation become the Sturmer Family. Another Family associated with the Bagge and Sturmer Families is that of Henry Kable and Susannah [Holmes] Kable. Henry and Susannah were Convicts on the First Fleet to come to Australia in 1788. They married here in Australia, one of the first Couples to do so; and went on to raise a large Family. While we do not have very many of the Kable Family in our Database, they are well documented on WebSite of the Kable Mob, where you will find Links to other WebSites associated with this remarkable Couple.
The Baggge Family have been updated January 27, 2005; and the Sippi Family have been added.
The Sturmer Family have been added on February the 25th, 2008;
and the Link to the Kable Family WebSite added March the 21st, 2008. [Good Friday]

       The Family of Donald Black, circa 1810, from Sutherland, Scotland.

       The Family of John Blyth, an old Essex Family, circa 1790, who we originally had shown as Blythe, with an 'e'. The Children of Herbert Arthur Chamberlain Hunter Blyth and Georgina Drew, changed their Names to Lionel, Ethel and John Barrymore, the Hollywood "Movie" Stars.
HOWVER, in May 2010, important Information from Anthony Francis Blyth results in the Family WebPages being updated on March 08, 2011.

       The Family of Stephen Burling, born abt 1715 in Stratford, Essex, England.
The Burling Family have been updated October 26, 2004.

       The Family of William Christie, born abt 1817, in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

       The Family of James Clunie, circa 1650, from Fife in Scotland.

       The Family of Peter Conquergood, from Fife in Scotland. Peter was born abt 1730.

       The Family of Joseph Davey, circa 1750, possibly from Norwich in Norfolk, England.
The Davey Family have been updated April 02, 2011.

       The Family of John Davidson, b. abt. 1800, from the area around Glasgow, Scotland.
       The Family of Robert Scotland, born about 1818, in Kincardine in Perthshire, Scotland.
In August, 2011, after receiving Information from Jenni Webber, the Davidson Family WebPages have been updated.
And, on September the 5th, 2011 the WebPages have again been updated and the Scotland WebPages have been added.

       The Family of James Charles Drake, Born 1821, in Christchurch, New Zealand.
In November 2011, after receiving Information from Andrew H Patterson, the Drake Family WebPages have been updated.

       The Family of Thomas Duffus, who was born in Jamaica, on March the 9th, 1778. Thomas died in Boulonge sur Mer in France, on March the 13th, 1835.

       The Family of William Edwards, of Yorkshire, circa 1750.
In October, 2010, after receiving Information from Christine [O'Brien] Edwards, the Edwards Family WebPages have been updated.
And, on March the 7th, 2011 the WebPages have again been updated following more Detail received from Mavis Lind .

       The Family of William Fishwick, circa 1770, probably from Whitby in Yorkshire, England.

       The Family of Gregory Fox, born circa 1600, in Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England.
In April, 2012, after receiving a large File of Information from Marcus Whittaker, the Fox Family WebPages have been updated.
       As a part of the File of Information sent by Marcus Whittaker in September, 2011, the Family of George Maples has been added George probably originated somewhere just south of Lincoln, in Lincolnshire, England about 1600.
In April, 2012, after receiving a large File of Information from Marcus Whittaker, the Maples Family WebPages have been added.

       The Family of William Frecklington, circa 1825, from Lincolnshire, England.

       The Family of John Fyfe, circa 1730, from Angus in Scotland.
The Fyfe Family have been updated December 29, 2004.

       WE ORIGINALLY BELIEVED, that the Fyfe Family had married into the Bryce Family. Sylvia Robertson and Dax Lloyd, have now disproved this assumption. NEVERTHELESS, as we have the Bryce Family Information available, we are including the Family of John Bryce, who was born 1775, probably in Lanarkshire.
For more Information on the Bryce Family contact Dax Lloyd.
The Bryce Family have been added December 29, 2004.

       The Family of Simon Gaskyn, who originated in the Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire Border Areas, about 1760. Their Name was originally Gaskyn; but evolved over a period of time through Gaskin, Gascoin and Gascoigne and back to Gaskin.
       The Greasley Family married into the Gaskin Family when Francis Greasley from Barlestone in Leicestershire married Harriet Gaskin in 1842.
       The Leov Family also married into the Gaskin/Gascoigne Family when Allan Maxwell Gascoigne married Violet Ethel Leov in December 1630. The Leov Family originated with Augustus LEO von FRTIZO, born abt. 1790 in Treptow, probably in Poland [Prussia]. Augustus' Son, Carl Augustus changed his Name to LEOV and was naturalized as a Citizen of New Zealand in 1865.
The Gaskin/Gascoigne Family have been updated and the Greasley Family added, October the 7th, 2006.
On October the 4th, 2010, the Gaskin/Gascoigne Family WebPages have been updated after receiving further Information and a major Correction from Edwina Sharp in January 2010.
The Leov Family have been added to the WebSite in early May, 2011 .

       The Family of Jacob Henry Gooding, from Somerset, circa 1790.

       The Family of Thomas Hancock of Halifax in Yorkshire. Thomas was born about 1800.

       The Family of David Harris, who came from around Coventry in Warwickshire, England. David was born about 1770.

       The Family of John Hughes, born about 1825, in Wellington, New Zealand. Starting from about the same time early in the 1800s is the Family of William Wilson McCardle, whose Family married into the Hughes Family. The McCardle Family came from Canterbury and Otago.

       The Family of William MacAdam, born in Ayrshire, Scotland about 1795.

       A minor Family that is related to the Clegg, Davidson, Harris and Macadam Families is that of Henry Denhard, born about 1825, probably in Stepney, London, England.

       The Family of Andrew Mackay, born in the Area about Culrain, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland, about 1781. He died in Lonachuan, which is in Sutherland, in the far north of Scotland.

       The Family of Joseph McVey, from Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, Scotland, circa 1710.

       The Family of Gilbert Mair, born in 1799, Peterheadon-Deveron, Aberdeen, Scotland.

       The Family of George Manley, circa 1799, probably from Co. Wicklow, Ireland.
The Manley Family were added June the 19h, 2007.

       The Family of Hugh Matheson, born 1720, in Dornoch, Sutherland, Scotland.

       The Family of Guy Medley, born 1692, probably in Middlesex or London, England.
The Medley Family were updated, August the 26th, 2009.
       Following receipt of a large File of Medley Family Information from Marcus Whittaker in September, 2011, the Medley Family has again been updated. However, this has resulted in a smaller set of WebPages. Therefore the originals have been retained; and the "updated" set are at Guy Medley [2].
      As a further result of the Infomation received from Marcus Whittaker, we have a second set of Medley WebPages, that of the Family of Henry Medley, circa 1700-1742, from London, England.
      Also included in the File of Information received from Marcus in September, 2011, was information on,
      The Fricker Family, who originated we believe in the South-West of England, some time about 1850; and married into the Medley Family in 1966.
      Also, the Family of Amos Jacob, 1570-1635, whose origins are unknown; but whose Family married into the Fricker and subsequently the Medley Family in 1934.
      The Family of Johannes Huskingson, born about 1523, whose Family descended through the Cowper and Wilson Families until marrying into the Maples Family, when Susannah Wilson married Gervase Maples in 1754.
      We also have the Family of Pierre le Grand, circa 1647, whose Family married into the Jacob Family in 1789; and the Knuckey/Old Families, who married into the le Grand/Jacob Families in 1901.
      The Family of George Salmon, 1824-1876, whose Family Origins are unknown; and whose Family married into the Fricker/Medley Family in 1997.
The Fricker, Jacob, Huskingson, le Grand, Knuckey and Salmon Families have all been added to the WebSite in April, 2012.

       The Family of Henry Monteith, born about 1823 in Lanarkshire, Scotland.
The Monteith Family were added May the 29th, 2006.

       The Family of William Murray, from Rogarth, Sutherland, Scotland. William was born in 1685.
All the Families on this Intro Page down to the Murray Family have been updated over Easter 2007.
They have been uploaded to the WebSite, Tuesday, April the 10th, 2007.

       The Nicholls Family, of West Yorkshire 

       The Family of William Puckey, born, May the 25th, 1776, in Fowey, Cornwall, England; and died, in 1827 in Sydney, in the Colony of New South Wales.

       The Family of Edward Roberts, circa 1710, who came from Wales.

       The Family of Donald Rose, of the Culrain Area, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland, circa 1760.

       The Family of Nicholas Spencer, of Nottinghamshire, circa 1590.

       The Family of Thomas Stringer, who was born in ireland in 1824; and died on a Vessel off the coast of West Africa. He was en route to New Zealand with his Family.
The Stringer Family has been updated after some Corrections from Dean Goodman on June 23, 2019.

       The Family of William Symmonds, circa 1760, who came from Gloucestershire; and his later Simmonds Family from Warwickshire, England, New Zealand and Australia. Associated with the Simmonds Family is the Family of William James Wood, born 1809, probably in Kent.

       The Thane Family, of London.

       The Family of Joseph Tylee, of Somersetshire, circa 1730.

       The Family of William Udy, from Cornwall, circa 1510.
           Families who married into the Udy Family, include,
              Primarily, the Family of Robert Fleming, circa 1730,
                     who probably came from somewhere in Mid-Lothian in Scotland.
                The Family of Emanuel Basset, who died at St. Enoder, Cornwall in 1676.
                The Family of Edward Brokenshire, circa 1620, also from Cornwall.
                The Family of William Hodder, circa 1740, probably from Somerset.
                The Family of Walter Merrylees, born 1766, probably from Mid-Lothian, Scotland.
                The Family of William Peacock, born 1773 in renfrewshire, Scotland.
                The Family of Richard Thornburrow, circa 1820, origins unknown at present.
                    The Merrylees, Peacock & Thornburrow Families married into the Fleming Family.

       The Family of Robert Wilson, of Invercargill, New Zealand.
       The Family of Henry Wood, born abt 1707 in Leicestershire, England.

For the Biographies of some well know New Zealanders,
you may wish to check out the New Zealand Government's
the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography.

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