The Descendants of Richard Bass, who died in 1715.


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107. Henry WILLIAMS [33385] was born about 1891 in Chiswick Middlesex England.

Henry married someone.

His child was:

   176 M    i. Michael WILLIAMS [33425] .

108. Gerald Braithwaite LLOYD [8046] was born on 20 Oct 1885 in Edgbaston Warwickshire England and died on 08 Jan 1969 in Bournemouth Dorset England at age 83.

Gerald married Nancy Bidlake KEEP [17725] [MRIN: 3963], daughter of Henry Frederick KEEP [4479] and Annie Elizabeth BIDLAKE [17724], on 12 Jan 1915. Nancy was born on 29 Apr 1893 in King's Norton Worcestershire England and died on 09 Apr 1959 at age 65. Another name for Nancy was Bunty.

Children from this marriage were:

   177 F    i. Honor Joan LLOYD [8072] was born on 05 Mar 1916.

Honor married Edward LOVERSEDGE [8195] [MRIN: 4008]. Another name for Edward is Ted.

+ 178 M    ii. Philip Gerald LLOYD [8073] was born on 12 Sep 1918 and died in 1981 at age 63.

   179 F    iii. Beryl Allen LLOYD [8071] died in 1969.

109. Lieut Alan Scrivener LLOYD, M.C. R.F.A. [8047] was born on 15 Oct 1888 in Birmingham Warwickshire England and died on 04 Aug 1916 in France at age 27.

Alan married Dorothy Margaret HEWETSON [8074] [MRIN: 3964] on 01 Sep 1914. Dorothy was born on 29 Sep 1885 and died on 08 Aug 1936 at age 50.

The child from this marriage was:

+ 180 M    i. David Alan LLOYD [8075] was born on 02 Oct 1915.

110. Dr Eric Ivan LLOYD, Md [8048] was born on 01 Jul 1892 in Birmingham Warwickshire England and died in 1957 at age 65.

Occupation: Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Eric married Antoinette Marie ROUX [8076] [MRIN: 3965], daughter of Andreas Stephanus ROUX [8171] and Susanna Justina BEYERS [8172], on 27 Feb 1926. Antoinette was born on 28 Mar 1898 in South Africa and died in 1981 at age 83.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 181 M    i. Timothy John LLOYD [8077] was born on 02 Jan 1929 in London England and died in 1999 in Nysna South Africa at age 70.

+ 182 F    ii. Gillian Elizabeth LLOYD [8078] was born on 18 Aug 1930.

113. Gladys Elise Rosa KEEP [8052] was born on 12 Sep 1885 in Auckland Auckland New Zealand, died on 02 Oct 1960 in Hayes Kent England at age 75, and was buried on 02 Oct 1960.

Gladys married Major Basil BINYON [8080] [MRIN: 3967], son of Brightwen BINYON [8081] and Rachel Mary CUDWORTH [8082], on 20 Sep 1913. Basil was born on 23 Apr 1885 in Ipswich Essex England and died on 04 Apr 1977 in Farnborough Kent England at age 91.

General Notes: From the "Cross and Cockade" Journal, a society for WW1 aviation enthusiasts, written by Rex Harrison:


Born on 23 April 1885 in Ipswich, the only son of Brightwen Binyon, an architect and painter 1852-1905, and a distant relative of the poet Laurence Binyon, he was educated at Bootham School, York, and Leighton Park School, Reading, both of which where Quaker schools. He then went to Trinity college, Cambridge in 1904, where he rowed as an undergraduate in the college boat, and graduated BA in 1907 having obtained second honours in Part One of the Natural Sciences Tripos. He began work with the Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company, and in 1909 joined Marconi for work on trans-Atlantic morse transmissions at Poldhu, Cornwall. From his RAF service documents held in the PRO at Kew, we learn that from 1910 to 1911 he was employed as a research engineer with Cie General Radiole Telegraphique in Paris, and from 1911 until September 1914as General Manager of the Anglo-French Wireless Company of London and Paris. Basil Binyon joined the RNVR as a Lieutenant on 22 Sept 1914,on the books of HMS Pembroke, additional for RNAS, where his wireless telegraphy expertise was employed for the war effort at Eastchurch. At that station he was working with Lieutenant D.R. Hyde-Thompson RN, who had been responsible for the first torpedo-dropping experiments, on Southampton Water, and Flight Sub Lieutenant M.B. Tomlinson RN
The War in the Air, by H.A. Jones, Vol. 2 mentions that Lt B.Binyon RNVA, a Naval Air Service Wireless Officer at Eastchurch had, in October 1914, designed a wireless set that was first made by the Sterling Telephone Company, and that two sets were taken out to the Dardanelles by HMS Ark Royal. (These sets were in fact not used to their full potential due to the spotters having insufficient experience in wireless telegraphy.)
On 12 March 1915, Basil Binyon became Flight Lieutenant (temporary) at Eastchurch for Wireless/Telegraphy duties and, turning once again to H.A, Jones, we find that he was the first aeroplane observer to test gun spotting by use of wireless. An old battleship, the Revenge, was ordered to Shoeburyness in April 1915 for firing trials in co-operation with aircraft from Eastchurch, and seaplanes from the Empress, and the Isle of Grain. On the first and second days the Eastchurch aeroplane carrying Binyon had the only success, which was all the more noteworthy as he had had no previous experience of gun spotting. For the first time in Naval history a battleship commander had had his fire controlled by communication with an air observer with remarkable accuracy, when neither were visible to each other. These events created great interest at the Admiralty, and both Winston Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty, and Admiral Lord 'Jackie' Fisher, then First Sea Lord, were said to be favourably impressed. Further wireless experiments were carried out in August 1915 at Eastchurch when Binyon was piloted by FI/Sub/Lt J.B.D. Boyd in BE2c tractor biplane No 1124. During 1915 Eastchurch was involved with at least three enemy air raids on England's East Coast which no doubt were a welcome diversion to the day to day routine. In February 1916 he went over to France with Lt Tomlinson to see how the French were progressing in wireless telegraphy, and reported back with much valuable information. Due to the rapidly growing needs of the RNAS, the Eastchurch wireless experimental station moved to Cranwell in May 1916, and Basil Binyon moved with it in charge of the wireless telegraphy school, which was situated in the Eastern half of the air station. His first service Confidential report is dated 18 January 1916, at Eastchurch, and states: "Has no experience of command or disciplinary duties. Expert in W/T in all its branches, and VGI as lecturer on W/T. Very good spotter". The RNAS training station at Cranwell in Lincolnshire was named HMS Daedalus after the usual Royal Navy system of giving the names of the ships to its shore bases (to be strictly correct it was borne on the books of HMS Daedalus). It was one of a number of flat areas of ground which the Admiralty acquired during the Great War for the use of aircraft for reconnaissance purposes. Admiralty memorandum No 14 of 24 February 1916 stated that 'all officers and men under instruction in aeroplanes, kite balloons and airships will be sent to Cranwell for a finishing course, and for graduation'. His first confidential report from the Commodore at Cranwell reads: "In charge of all W/T, W/T boys and electrical ratings under instruction, also experimental and research work. Has carried out duties most satisfactorily, is a good organiser, very capable and hard working", dated 6 November 1916. On 13 November 1916 it was put forward that he be granted the acting rank of Flight Commander, which he became on 14 November 1916. A further report .)f 26 November 1916 reads: "Very strongly recommended for promotion", and he was subsequently made Flight Commander with effect from 31 December 1916, with seniority from the same date. Apparently not content with his ground duties, Basil Binyon trained as a pilot, and was awarded Royal Aero Certificate No 4587 on 14 April 1917, at Cranwell, having taken his test on a Maurice Farman biplane, presumably a Shorthorn, as this was the usual training aircraft at that time. His service record dated 26 March 1918, shows that lie had flown 33 hours, of which 23 hours and 22 minutes were solo flying. The confidential report of 29 November 1917 by LtCol A. Warrington-Morris states "Recommended for promotion", and the same gentleman recommended him for the award of the OBE, which was gazetted on 7 June 1918 to Major Basil Binyon, Royal Air Force. Although there is no citation in the London Gazette, tlie award was for his war work on radio telegraphy from aircraft. Prior to the award he had been promoted in the New Year's Honour list of 3 January 1918 to Acting Squadron Commander, a rank which he held until the amalgamation of the RNAS and RFC on I April 1918. In the special qualifications section of his RAF service record, under authority, Census/365, are the notes: BA degree Cambridge, Natural Science Tripos. Post Graduate course in Electrical Engineering, seven months in engineering workshops, AMIEE, MIRE. Since joining RNAS three and a half years, officer in charge of all W/T research and experimental work. Graduated as a pilot (for aeroplanes). He remained at Cranwell with the Wireless Experimental Establishment, until being transferred to the unemployment list 21 March 1919. He returned to Cambridge University to complete his MA, and then formed-the Radio Communication Company in Barnes, making long wave marine transmitting and receiving equipment of international repute: was bought out by Marconi, and joined the board of that company. By Strange Coincidence, the Present GEC-Marconi site at Stanmore is known as 'The Grove', after the mansion which formerly stood there, and the architect of that building was Brightwen Binyon, Basil's father.
Following a meeting of wireless manufacturers called by the Postmaster General in 1922, it was decided that a single company would best serve the new medium of radio broadcasting, and the British Broadcasting Company was thus formed. Earlier that year the Marconi company had already begun experimental transmissions from Writtle, and prior to the formation of the new company there had been many difficult meetings between the Post Office and private companies on how broadcasting should be organised. Agreement was reached at the meeting at Savoy Place on 18 October 1922, the result being the birth of2LO.
Basil Binyon was appointed an original director of the British Broadcasting Company, serving until 1926 when he resigned after a disagreement with Lord Reith, the managing director, regarding the changeover from private enterprise company into a public corporation, now known worldwide as the BBC. He returned t Marconi until 1935, being periodically released for visits to the Argentine to supervise the Buenos Aires Water Company. He was chairman of the Institute of Electrical Engineers in 1925. During WW2 he was Group Commandant of No 19 Group Royal Observer Corps, and from 1939 to 1947 was an Observer Commander. He died on 4 April 1977, aged 91, at Farnborough, Kent, after a full and active life, having been a pioneer of radio broadcasting, whose contribution to this medium should not be forgotten.

From the Kentish Times, Friday December 28, 1962:
Hawthorndene, former home of Major Basil Binyon, in Warren Road, Hayes, was severely damaged by fire on Friday. Firemen from Bromley and West Wickham spent nearly three hours extinguishing the blaze and damping down the fabric. Extensive damage was caused to the upper floor and the roof of the house, which contains 20 rooms and has been empty for some time. The site is to be redeveloped. It is believed the fire may have been started by children playing inside the house

Children from this marriage were:

+ 183 M    i. Capt Roger Basil BINYON [8083] was born on 08 Dec 1914 and died on 24 Sep 1944 at age 29.

+ 184 F    ii. Margaret Howard BINYON [8084] was born on 20 Jul 1916.

+ 185 M    iii. Hugh Douglas BINYON, Mbe [8085] was born on 05 May 1920 in Hayes Kent England, died on 20 Jun 2000 in Wingham Court Nursing Home at age 80, and was buried on 26 Jun 2000 in St Mary's Cobham Surrey England.

116. Norman Marion Howard KEEP, Mc [8055] was born on 05 Dec 1898 in King's Norton Worcestershire England and died in 1964 in Pembury Kent England at age 66.

Norman married Phyllis Mary Rolls AUSTIN [8086] [MRIN: 3969], daughter of Rev E J AUSTIN, Ma [33426] and Unknown, on 07 Oct 1924. Phyllis was born on 13 Dec 1898 in Edmonton London England and died after 1940.

Children from this marriage were:

   186 M    i. Prof. John Leslie Howard KEEP [8088] was born on 21 Jan 1926 in Keston Kent England.

John married Anne Elizabeth [33443] [MRIN: 12354] on 08 Dec 1948.

+ 187 M    ii. Joseph Neville Howard KEEP [8089] was born on 05 Apr 1935 and died in Oct 1998 at age 63.

Norman next married Marjorie Ruthven COTTELL [8087] [MRIN: 3970]. Marjorie died on 01 Oct 1996 in Bexhill Sussex England.

The child from this marriage was:

+ 188 M    i. Adrian Ruthven KEEP [8090] was born on 22 Mar 1949 in Hampstead Middlesex England.

117. Norah Margaret MURDOCH [8057] was born on 20 Aug 1887.

Norah married Robert Jaffray MACBRAYNE [8091] [MRIN: 3971] on 19 Sep 1922. Robert was born on 12 Apr 1882.

The child from this marriage was:

   189 M    i. David Woodburn MACBRAYNE [8092] was born on 04 Jul 1924.

122. Iris Lillian BRIERLEY [8061] was born on 29 Apr 1893 in King's Norton Worcestershire England.

Iris married Lieut Rupert CLAYTON-COX [8093] [MRIN: 3972] on 06 Sep 1916. Rupert was born on 21 Jun 1890.

Children from this marriage were:

   190 F    i. Elizabeth Sydney CLAYTON-COX [8094] was born on 29 Aug 1917 and died on 29 Apr 1931 at age 13.

   191 F    ii. Monica Beatrice CLAYTON-COX [8095] was born on 09 Feb 1921.

Monica married Eric Batie JONES? [8096] [MRIN: 3973].

   192 F    iii. Gillian Leslie CLAYTON-COX [8097] was born on 02 Dec 1927.

123. Josephine Sydney BRIERLEY [8062] was born on 12 May 1896 in King's Norton Worcestershire England.

Josephine married Cecil Adam SMELLIE [8098] [MRIN: 3974] on 27 Sep 1922. Cecil was born on 08 Feb 1895 in Dudley Worcestershire England and died on 15 Jun 1930 at age 35.

Children from this marriage were:

   193 M    i. Ronald Joseph Brierley SMELLIE [8099] was born on 07 Nov 1924.

   194 M    ii. David James SMELLIE [8100] was born on 02 Jun 1927.

124. Marjorie Phoebe KEEP [8064] was born on 01 Feb 1896 in King's Norton Worcestershire England and died in 1970 at age 74.

Marjorie married Richard Lionel Vere DOAKE, Dso Mc [8101] [MRIN: 3975]. Richard was born on 06 Feb 1890.

Children from this marriage were:

   195 M    i. Leslie Richard Henry DOAKE [8102] was born on 14 May 1923.

   196 M    ii. Patrick James Vere DOAKE [8103] was born on 12 Apr 1926.

126. Dorothy Linwood KEEP [8066] was born on 24 Jun 1899 in King's Norton Worcestershire England.

Dorothy married William Archdall FFOOKS [8104] [MRIN: 3976] on 25 Jan 1923. William was born on 28 Feb 1893.

Children from this marriage were:

   197 F    i. Anne Linwood FFOOKS [8105] was born on 15 Feb 1924.

   198 F    ii. Jean Pamela FFOOKS [8106] was born on 17 Oct 1926.

127. Cecily Edith KEEP [8067] was born on 20 Apr 1909.

Cecily married Michael Nares GODFREY [18140] [MRIN: 3977] on 15 Dec 1946 in East Budleigh Devon England. Michael was born on 23 Jun 1908 in Surbiton Surrey England and died on 07 Feb 1987 in Truro Cornwall England at age 78.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 199 M    i. Ralph Michael Nares GODFREY [8107] was born on 28 Feb 1947 in Truro Cornwall England.

+ 200 F    ii. Lorna Alice GODFREY [18141] was born on 11 Dec 1948 in Truro Cornwall England.

128. Ruth PERRY [36266] was born on 26 Apr 1892 in Wandsworth Surrey England.

Ruth married Alan Cort Wright FERGUSON [36269] [MRIN: 13356] on 23 Jul 1913 in Southampton Hampshire England. Alan was born on 16 Aug 1878 in Tain Ross & Cromarty Scotland and died on 01 Jan 1963 at age 84.

Children from this marriage were:

   201 M    i. Malcolm Francis John FERGUSON [36270] was born on 20 Sep 1915 and died on 09 Apr 1940 at age 24. The cause of his death was killed in action? WWII serving aboard HMS Gurhka.

   202 F    ii. Beryl Charlotte Mary FERGUSON [36271] was born on 19 Feb 1918.

   203 F    iii. Monica Ruth FERGUSON [36272] was born on 04 Jun 1919 and died on 08 Feb 1941 at age 21.

   204 F    iv. Christine FERGUSON [36273] was born on 24 Jun 1920 and died on 25 Apr 1999 at age 78.

131. Douglas Percival KEEP [17675] was born on 30 Nov 1899, died in Apr 1983 in Prahran Melbourne VIC Australia at age 83, and was buried on 13 Apr 1983 in Springvale Cemetery Melbourne VIC Australia.

Douglas married Stella Patricia Grace ALLAN [17678] [MRIN: 7135], daughter of Edwin Francis ALLAN [33427] and Stella May [33428], in May 1931. Stella was born about 1904, died on 15 Mar 1981 in Hawthorn Melbourne VIC Australia aged about 77, and was buried on 17 Mar 1981 in Springvale Cemetery Melbourne VIC Australia.

Children from this marriage were:

   205 M    i. David Francis KEEP [17679] was born about 1935 in Victoria Australia.

+ 206 M    ii. Anthony Charles KEEP [17680] was born about 1937 in Victoria Australia.

132. Joan KEEP [17676] was born on 02 Dec 1901 in Melbourne VIC Australia and died on 05 Feb 1993 in Point Piper Sydney NSW Australia at age 91.

Joan married Lieut James Keith Gibson MACFARLAN, Ran [17682] [MRIN: 7137] in 1932 in Victoria Australia. James was born on 23 Feb 1905 in Malvern Melbourne VIC Australia and died before 1981.

The child from this marriage was:

   207 U    i. J MACFARLAN [17683] .

136. Janet Sydney KEEP [17708] was born in 1908 and died in 1966 at age 58.

Janet married Basil Keep RONALD [17709] [MRIN: 7147], son of Arthur RONALD [18163] and Florence GIBBS [18214]. Basil was born in 1891 and died in 1965 at age 74.

The child from this marriage was:

   208 M    i. Ronald Bruce RONALD [17710] was born in 1922 and died in 1943 at age 21.

148. Stanley KING-SMITH [17728] was born on 13 May 1890 in Watford Hertfordshire England.

Stanley married Winifred Mary PRICE [36274] [MRIN: 13357] in Apr 1922 in St George's Hanover Square London England. Winifred was born on 14 Oct 1897 and died on 08 Jul 1960 at age 62. Another name for Winifred was Win.

Children from this marriage were:

   209 U    i. KING-SMITH [36275] was born in 1923.

   210 F    ii. Diana KING-SMITH [36276] was born on 26 Jul 1928 and died on 31 Jul 1942 at age 14. The cause of her death was drowned.

149. May KING-SMITH [17729] was born on 01 Sep 1891 in Watford Hertfordshire England and died in 1967 at age 76.

May married William HEATON [33399] [MRIN: 12332] on 27 Sep 1924 in Hampstead Middlesex England. William was born on 21 Jan 1880 in Watford Hertfordshire England and died on 16 Mar 1956 at age 76.

Children from this marriage were:

   211 U    i. HEATON [36277] was born in 1925.

+ 212 M    ii. HEATON [36278] was born in 1929.

150. Colin KING-SMITH [17731] was born on 29 Jun 1894 in Watford Hertfordshire England.

Colin married Joan GLEN [36279] [MRIN: 13358] in Apr 1922 in Watford Hertfordshire England.

Children from this marriage were:

   213 U    i. KING-SMITH [36280] was born in 1923.

   214 U    ii. KING-SMITH [36281] was born in 1925.

   215 U    iii. KING-SMITH [36282] was born in 1929.

Colin next married Bella [36283] [MRIN: 13359].

151. Janet KING-SMITH [17730] was born about 1897 in Watford Hertfordshire England and died about 1967 aged about 70.

Janet married Basil Ernest MILLAR [17732] [MRIN: 7155] on 23 Apr 1919 in Amersham Buckinghamshire England. Basil was born on 28 May 1892 in Hampstead Middlesex England and died on 21 Mar 1930 at age 37.

Children from this marriage were:

   216 U    i. MILLAR [36285] was born in 1922.

   217 M    ii. Philip MILLAR [36284] was born on 23 Jun 1923.

   218 U    iii. Anwyn MILLAR [36286] was born on 14 Feb 1927.

152. Nancy Bidlake KEEP [17725] was born on 29 Apr 1893 in King's Norton Worcestershire England and died on 09 Apr 1959 at age 65. Another name for Nancy was Bunty.

Nancy married Gerald Braithwaite LLOYD [8046] [MRIN: 3963], son of John Henry LLOYD [3929] and Gertrude Eliza KEEP [3928], on 12 Jan 1915. Gerald was born on 20 Oct 1885 in Edgbaston Warwickshire England and died on 08 Jan 1969 in Bournemouth Dorset England at age 83.

(Duplicate Line. See Person 108)

154. Muriel Alice KING-SMITH [17742] was born on 18 Apr 1893 in Buckfastleigh Devon England.

Muriel married Terry KING [33404] [MRIN: 12336].

The child from this marriage was:

   219 U    i. KING [36287] was born in 1922.

155. Capt Ronald KING-SMITH, Dso Mc [33405] was born in Oct 1894 in Buckfastleigh Devon England.

Ronald married Grace BOUCHER [33429] [MRIN: 12348].

The child from this marriage was:

+ 220 M    i. Ronald KING-SMITH [33430] was born in 1922 in Bitton Gloucestershire England.

159. Frederick Charles KING-SMITH [17746] was born on 12 Mar 1902 in Buckfastleigh Devon England.

Frederick married Betty CUNNINGHAM [33431] [MRIN: 12349]. Betty was born in Warwick Warwickshire England.

Children from this marriage were:

   221 M    i. Charles KING-SMITH [33432] .

   222 M    ii. Ewan KING-SMITH [33433] .

160. Violet Mary KEEP [17735] was born in Jan 1900 in King's Norton Worcestershire England.

Violet married CARRINGTON [33434] [MRIN: 12350].

The child from this marriage was:

   223 F    i. Helen CARRINGTON [33435] .

Helen married Jim Smith BENTON [33436] [MRIN: 12351].

163. John Frederick Charles KEEP [17734] was born on 07 Dec 1905 in King's Norton Worcestershire England and died in 1988 in Dulverton Somerset England at age 83.

John married Joan Mary PLANCK [33437] [MRIN: 7157], daughter of Col Oswald Bertram Fisher PLANCK, Dso [33438] and Elsie Kate UPJOHN [33439].

The child from this marriage was:

   224 M    i. Hugh Charles John Martin KEEP [17737] was born on 21 Nov 1945.

Hugh married Rosemary Isabel SMITH [17740] [MRIN: 7158], daughter of James Stuart SMITH [33440] and Isabel [33441], in 1970.

165. Capt. Arthur Stuart KEEP, Mc [17749] was born on 15 Jul 1891 in Burwood Sydney NSW Australia and died on 03 Dec 1952 in Long Sutton Lincolnshire England at age 61.

Arthur married Marjorie BRUCE [17750] [MRIN: 7161] about 1923.

The child from this marriage was:

   225 M    i. Geoffrey A S KEEP [33442] was born in 1926 and died in 2000 at age 74.

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